Customers Will Now Be Charged For Skipping Ads On Live TV

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

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Nothing in life is free, not even fast-forwarding through commercials or Sky ads as they pertain to Sky TV. The company is set to start charging users about five dollars for fast-forwarding through Sky ads on live tv. Customers who wish to avoid charges for skipping ads should contact the company and check to see what deals and packages are available. 

The highly controversial charge for shipping through Sky ads was supposed to be effective last year. Despite the delay in these changes coming into effect, as of yesterday, some users are now being charged. The fee will reflect a five-dollar charge in the user’s monthly bill. 

Not all Sky TV users will be affected by the new Sky ads charge. Users who have Sky Q include those who will not be affected by the new fee implementation. Additionally, users who have just signed up for Sky Glass will be safe from the fee for the next year and a half. 

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Users who are outside of their Sky TV contract terms can choose to contact the company and strike a new deal to avoid Sky ads new. Users can opt for a new contract deal for Glass or Stream, which includes an option for fast forwarding. This feature is an add-on to packages and consists of a fee of its own. 

People in today’s society have grown accustomed to modern-day conveniences like pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding anything they watch. Adding on a fee like the Sky ads fee seems like a step back into the dark ages. Though controversial and highly inconvenient, this may be a result of companies working towards profits and doing what’s necessary to stay afloat. 

Sky ads fees may not be ideal for customers, but this fee added up from several users could help the company’s profit margins. Many companies are opting to add small costs to their customers to increase revenue sources. Customers are seeing more and more fees, making one stop to think, what’s really worth my money. 

Many streaming services and subscription tv services are teaming up and making changes to their business models to increase revenue. For lots of companies, relying on subscriptions alone is not enough, and they have no choice but to be resourceful. Customers should expect to see more changes and charges, like Sky ads fees across multiple boards. 

Sky ads fees are just one example of the changes happening in the field. Disney has recently put out a trial for a shop-while-you-watch feature for a select group of streamers. Customers who underwent the test from Disney had the option to shop excessive merchandise related to specific shows and movies they happened to be streaming. 

Other streaming providers like Netflix are teaming up with movie theatre companies and exclusively playing movies in theaters before they hit televisions through Netflix. Additionally, companies are thinking of, and in some cases already are, putting out shows one at a time instead of releasing the entire season. The Sky ads fee is not the only inconvenient and less-than-ideal change happening.