Robot Dog Saves People From Collapsed Parking Garage

A robot dog was deployed into a four-story collapsing parking garage in New York City and helped to save numerous people's lives.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

robot dog

Many people say that robots will eventually rise up and kill us all, but what if, actually, the opposite happened? A robot dog became a hero in New York City this week as he saved many people from a four-story collapsed parking garage. The newest member of the New York Police Department (NYPD) was reintroduced as a working member of the iconic city’s police force and has gotten straight to work doing what they do best.

When first responders arrived on the scene, they immediately deemed it unstable. To get a scope of the situation, they send the police robot dog in. The police robot dog was able to get under the building and check for civilians. This was one of the main reasons the robot police were brought into the force, as police can send them into unstable and dangerous situations rather than risking a human’s safety. 

The police district chose a Dalmatian robot dog to enter the collapsed parking garage to check the building. They also implemented drones to get the best view of the disaster before making an action plan. 

The New York Robotics Unit was near the scene of the accident and responded very quickly and efficiently. The robot dog was able to film the devastation inside the rubble. From the information that he was able to give the police officers, they conducted a thorough search of the area looking for casualties. 

Unfortunately, one person did lose their life, several people were injured, and up to six garage workers were injured in the collapsed parking garage. Various vehicles were also damaged in the incident. Law enforcement believes that they have everyone rescued from the rubble, but they will continue to conduct searches to be certain. 

The upper levels of the parking garage collapsed in the late afternoon on Tuesday. 57 Ann Street Realty Association owns the structure and has several parking tickets, some of which are dated over ten years ago. It is located next to Pace University in Lower Manhattan. The school advised its students that all classes would be remote on Wednesday to keep everyone safe. 

The part that the robot dog and drone played in the search and rescue of the civilians was crucial in keeping them from remaining stuck in the rubble or having prolonged injuries that could cause many other health issues. 

Many officers praise the new technology given to them as the footage that the robot dog shot was uploaded to everyone’s phone that needed to see it, and the responders were able to receive a wealth of information about the incident without risking any person’s life. 

The cause of the collapse still hasn’t been determined, but records show one open violation from twenty years ago for cracks in the concrete. But the investigation still continues. 

Technology will continue to be implemented more and more into our lives, but developing tech like the police robot dog that could potentially save someone’s life, is an excellent use of this ever-expanding sector.