Players Hxt15 Pool Cue Review

By Asad | Published

The top seller Purex Hxt14 pool pue has wrapped up a lot of success since its launch. Intermediate to those who feel they are in an advanced league have all experienced good days with this pool cue. For a beginner, it would require a good foundation but seasoned players will enjoy this low deflection cue a lot. Let’s dive into the PureX Players Hxt15 pool cue review in detail.

I will be reviewing this pool cue from the perspective of a seasoned player. Someone who has a strong determination to step up the game. Someone who is confused between Lucasi Sneaky Pete or Players Hxt15. We have review Players as a brand in detail, you may want to check that out if you are in mood of buying a PureX cue.

purex players hxt15 pool cue review

What I Like About PureX Hxt15 Pool Cue

There are many cool things about this cue which is why it also made into our list of best pool cues as well.

Variable Diameter

The tapering of the cue matters as it moves on the bridge. You can have 3 options for the shaft. There is 13mm, 12.75mm, and an extreme 11.75mm thin cool shaft also available. This is the cool part of this bad boy.

Let’s say, you have got great control over your Englishes already then it is high time for you to think big by going thin. 11.75mm shaft can really help you put your skills to the test. If you can manage this thing cue then you can do magic on the table.

If you are still not sure about the spin skills but you have got awesome potting skills then why you can choose between 13mm or 12.75mm depending on the confidence you have in your game.

Are you experiencing recent improvement in your game? then go for the 13mm, if your good performance is not a good form but rather a more consistent achievement then go for the 12.75mm.

Here is the science behind it. The bigger the diameter is the more forgiving the cue is because you have a higher chance of hitting the intended spot on the cue ball. The smaller diameter has a lower probability to hit the aimed spot on the cue ball. Mis hitting the cue ball can induce more unintended Englishes and it can land you on weird shots on the table.

This makes 11.75mm cue a challenge, it is quite thin even compared to the Predator Revo shaft.

Loads of Weights Options

Purex Hxt15 is available in variable weights. From a light 18oz to 20.5oz they have made this stick for all comfort levels. By the serious intent, you have to improve your game, probably you already know what is the weight you feel most comfortable with.

A heavier weight will allow moving the cue shaft slower but is able to transmit more power on the cue ball because of more mass added into the equation. A lighter cue can shake on the bridge but it will not do drastic movements during the follow-through of the shot.

The amount of momentum transferred onto the cue ball will be lower in the case of the lighter cue. It can even lower the unnecessary angular momentum passed on for wrong shots. So a lighter cue becomes more forgiving when it comes to miscues.

Heavier PureX HXT15 with a lesser diameter size can be recipe for disaster. Only buy the combination of 11.75mm diameter with a 20.5oz weight if you know what you are doing.

The ideal case would be to choose 19.5oz and a 12.75mm diameter. It is right in the middle, you will get the benefit of mid-weight cue and manageable tip size of 12.75mm. This is the most forgiving combination you can take out from the choices given by the players.

The Kamui Tip

Kamui tips are expensive and having one on an entry-level intermediate pool cue with a Kamui tip is a huge plus point. Kamui black is available in all hardness level. The one you will get with PureX HXT15 will be a softer one.

My take on the tip hardness is entirely different from what you will read on the internet. Tip irrespective of their kind of hardness have a very low time of impact with the cue ball. A softer cue time of impact is insignificantly longer than a harder tip. What actually differs is the skill level of the player.

If the hardness of the tip really did matter then Efren Reyes would not have done achievements with the inexpensive elk’s tips he used back in the days. I do like like the sound the Kamui tips make. It gives a good feeling when you do the contact with the cue ball because players HXT15 transmits the feedback well from the shaft to lock to the butt.

Lesser Low Deflection Shaft

One of the least deflection shafts is the predator Revo shaft and the higher price tag is rightly justified. Players HXT15 can’t do what a Revo shaft consistently does but the deflection on this cue is still pretty accurate. If you are still not clear about the concept of deflection for pool cues then I recommend you take some time to read this post about pool cues deflection.

If you are doing a transition from a non-deflective regular shaft to this PureX HXT15 then you will experience a smooth transition that will last for a week. If you were already using a deflection shaft then it the transition will not be difficult.

Hxt15 offers medium-low deflection which is still good and accurate to the point that you will be able to step up your game with the positive benefits of the low deflection properties.

Lifetime Warranty

Players offer a lifetime warranty against the warpage of the cue. But that does not mean that you should be careless about the stick. Get a cover for the cue if possible. Players have made this with high-quality Maple and coated with a thin strong coating of nelsonite.

The strong varnishing these days is the reason why most of the companies give lifetime warranty for the warpage.

purex players hxt15 pool cue review

Things I don’t like about HXT15

There is not much to dislike about this cue but I did find something small I thought it is fair enough to share with you guys.

The Shining Shaft

The glare from the extravagant shine on the shaft can actually weaken the focus. As the light can actually irritate the aiming process. It will take some time to get used to the shine but if you are like me who can figure out how to take the shine away then check this post on how to clean a pool cue.

Do not overdo the cleaning process, you can take the shine away with little effort. Ideally, try to get used to the glare but if you are constantly annoyed by the shine then it is better to take the risk because the shaft is totally worth it. However, if you overdo the rubbing part you can alter the straightness of the shaft.

Tip Wears Out Soon

Soft Kamuis are vulnerable to aggressive chalking. If you are a frequent careless Chalker then be extra careful with the tip. Rough chalking can quickly thin the tip or even change the shape of the factory rounded tip. This is why I am not a fan of the softer tips they take the attention from caring about the game to care of the tip.


The cue can compete with the likes of high-end Lucasi sneaky pete. The value for money is very good. If you are someone who has leveled the game up but is on a budget then this detailed Players hxt15 pool cue review should convince you into getting this stick. If you have a budget of 200 dollars then it should not be a difficult decision for you to pick this up along with the case.


purex players hxt15 pool cue review