Who Makes Players Pool Cues

By Asad | 1 year ago

I looked around a lot to get the information about who makes players pool cues. To my surprise, it all begins with the ideas of one female product designer in Saint Augustin, Florida. She has been making the design concepts of the cues for Players, PureX and Rage for the last thirty years. Isn’t that wonderful all these thousands of cues in the market are the product of one brain.

The designs made by her are then forwarded onto the design team that works under her and compiles the product specification sheet. After the rigorous task, the information is then passed on to “overseas” factory which is in China. Some of the pool cues make into our review list of best pool cues.

who makes players pool cues

All this information was received from the customer service representative from CueandCase. The wonderful lady on the phone call clearly mentioned that she has no idea where are the parts used in the cues made but for overall assembly, she kept on repeating that they are assembled “overseas” and being shipped to the US on regular basis.

She asserted the fact that players offer lifetime warranty in case of the warpage of the cue and because of its fine quality it is the top-selling cue in the United States for straight 20 years. From the popularity of the players’ cues among the retailers, this claim seems to be quite true.

What confused me was the players’ Facebook page which says that pure North American Maple is used in the cues. Because it did make sense to send the product design and its product specification sheet but sending wood overseas did not make much sense to me.

I wasn’t convinced much from the earlier call so I decided to give another call to the customer service center. This time some guy picked up my call and straight away he told me that Players’ Cues are made in China.

I asked the CSR about the wood used in the cue. He clarified that everything is made in the United States but sent to China to the assembly factory. I wonder why they cannot do that in the US. They could easily combine that all at home but I guess that is related to cheap labor in China.

I did try to ask the CSR where is the assembly factory located in China but he refused to answer that. But from my research after searching about many cue brands sold by CueandCase the factory seems to be in Taicang Near Shanghai in China. Most of the cues sold by CueandCase are made from the same factory. They differ the quality based on the directions from the CueandCase product team in Saint Augustin.


So the answer to who makes players pool cues is that it’s a combined effort both by the United States and China. It’s not just players but a bunch of other cue brands is also made in China. This may make you little worried while buying the cue stick but the fact that players give the lifetime warpage guarantee even for their cheapest cue stick in the market it is an indication of a risk-free investment.

I have reviewed a players’ hxt15 series cue in this blog post it might interest you.

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