Old Navy Implementing Odd Strategy To Boost Sales

In an attempt to combat their declining sales, Old Navy has decided to add more pockets to their clothing.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

Old navy

Like many retailers, Old Navy is struggling. The store is feeling the devastating effects of hyperinflation and less consumer spending. In an attempt to combat their declining sales, the retailer has decided to add more pockets to their clothing.

Old Navy customers reportedly want more pockets, so that’s what the retailer is giving them. Customers can expect to see double the number of clothing items, like dresses, with pockets. The store hopes that this will be enough to keep them afloat during tough economic times.

Researchers found that most women cited their favorite dress as having pockets. Old Navy took this advice to heart and devised a plan. Will adding pockets be enough, though?

It’s interesting that Old Navy is deciding now to add more pockets to their clothing just because they are in a tough financial spot. For year’s pockets in women’s clothing has been a topic of discussion. Some people find pockets in women’s clothing, or lack thereof, sexist and a continual fight for women’s rights.

Here’s some news Old Navy… Women have wanted pockets in dresses, jeans, skirts, jackets, and other clothing items for a long time. This addition should have already taken place. This move may be labeled as selfish and greedy.

Women’s clothing is notorious for having pockets that are virtually useless. While men’s clothing often has large, deep pockets, women got stuck with tiny little nothings. If Old Navy is going to add pockets as a way to boost sales, they better do it right.

Women don’t just want pockets, we want functional pockets! We will no longer settle for a tiny sliver in a jean that won’t even hold a tube of chapstick, let alone a tampon. I am woman, hear me roar.

If Old Navy is going to add pockets, let’s hope that they actually consider what women want pockets for. Additionally, they don’t need to make them all that different than they do with men’s clothing.
Include deep pockets in women’s jeans and inside pockets in women’s jackets. Just allow them to function appropriately as pockets.

If Old Navy wants to increase sales, they may want to consider the quality of their clothes. Many of their clothing items, especially children’s, shrink up to two full sizes upon a single wash. This is something no parent with growing children wants to deal with.

The few times I have shopped at Old Navy as an adult has made one thing stand out–the fabric. After washing the clothes, they get a wrinkle that makes them look used and messy. Even after a military-grade iron session, the clothes quickly return to a wrinkly state.

Another thing Old Navy might consider is its return policy. Target offers an excellent return policy for their in-store brands that has attracted a loyal customer base. Take notes, Old Navy.

If Old Navy wants to establish its place in the future of retail, there are a lot of improvements it can make. Adding pockets to dresses and other women’s clothing is just the tip of the iceberg.