The Brand New Way To Watch TV

The new Apple Watch Ultra offers users the ability to watch TV.

By Joseph Farago | Published

Apple released a few new products at its recent keynote presentation last week. Though most people were excited to see the unveiling of the iPhone 14, other upgraded products were also received positively. One of Apple’s best-selling items, the Apple Watch, got significant updates for the upcoming series. The Apple Watch 8 series includes the astonishing Apple Watch Ultra, which appears more like a high-end wristwatch than a fitness product.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a genuinely unprecedented piece of technology. It was revolutionary years ago to manufacture a wristwatch with fitness-tracking and calling capabilities, but now, you can watch high-definition television on its miniature screen. The Apple Watch Ultra has exceptional quality, a 49mm screen, more significant battery life, speakers, and is primarily weatherproof. Though Apple’s CEO Tim Cook divulged all of the new watch’s capabilities, he and his team are most proud of the stunning television quality that this product can provide.

Though watching a full-length movie on your watch isn’t more enjoyable than seeing it on the big screen, the Apple Watch Ultra can provide an unparalleled on-the-go experience for catching live sports or news channels. With viewing experiences that don’t need your undivided attention, the newest Apple Watch has finally provided customers with this advanced option. There are countless situations when someone could be stuck somewhere or in an outdoor setting where they can’t access their favorite shows. If you’re in the car, in the shower, or out running a marathon, you’ll be able to tap your Apple Watch for your needed TV entertainment quickly.

apple watch ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a customizable action button, creating personal shortcuts to help individuals navigate their watches faster. You can program your favorite channels into the action buttons, getting you to the shows you want without the hassle. The Apple Watch Ultra also has an updated hardware button for accessible pause, play, and fast-forward options. The screen is brighter than its predecessors, helping users watch television successfully in outdoor, sunny settings. The new watch series also has upgraded speakers, so you can enjoy content without needing headphones or Airpods.

The Apple Watch Ultra has an exceptional update in its speaker and microphone functions. The new watch includes three separate built-in microphones, improving sound quality while providing a better way of picking up vocal commands. The watch uses beamforming technology to help capture voice-activated signals and reduce background noise in loud, outdoor environments. The Apple Watch Ultra also has tremendous battery power, better than all of its predecessors. This watch can last up to 36 hours with one single charge and also comes with a feature to help maintain battery life on the go. The low-battery feature can reduce app usage and preserve battery life for up to 60 hours on one charge.

Since Apple Watches are made to be used in outdoor environments, the engineering team made sure the Apple Watch Ultra could sustain a higher range of temperatures. It can work in freeing cold weather, maintaining its function at a limit of -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The watch can also withstand unfathomable heat of up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, a hotter temperature than anywhere on Earth.