Mtn Dew Reviving Its Most-Loved Flavor

Mountain Dew Pitch Black is being revived for a limited time beginning on New Year's Day 2023.

By Brian Scheid | Published

Few things in life are more exciting than when a company brings back a past product that consumers fell in love with during its initial run and that product hasn’t been in production for quite a while. Mountain Dew fans will get a New Year’s gift from the carbonated soda giant in the form of the throwback flavor Mountain Dew Pitch Black. This is a flavor that fans have been clamoring to bring back on a permanent basis for decades.

In this instance, coming in January of 2023 Mountain Dew is going to be producing the highly anticipated return of their Pitch Black flavored soda. This product was originally a Halloween limited-time addition to the Mountain Dew lineup of flavors back in 2004. It was a humongous hit with the masses of Mountain Dew connoisseurs.

As Halloween turned to Thanksgiving season in 2004 Mountain Dew moved on from the one-time seasonal concoction and immediately the supporters of the Mountain Dew brand voiced their displeasure. They could not understand why the company wouldn’t continue to offer an incredibly tasty beverage that had been introduced to their palettes.

Had the fandom of Pitch Black been aware of its eventual removal from the store shelves they would have purchased pallets of the product to put in storage to get them through until the next production run. Soda doesn’t go bad right?

The following year Mountain Dew answered the concerns of their supporters by announcing another run of the now iconic flavor. However, the formula was going to be slightly altered from the original version for the 2005 production. They would release it under the name Mountain Dew Pitch Black II to their consumers’ delight.

The fandom was unphased by this adjustment as it did not impact the amazingly rich flavor notes they would detect upon drinking Mountain Dew’s exquisite purple nectar. The response from consumers was overwhelmingly positive, just like the first production run received back in 2004. As quickly as it came and brought joy to Mountain Dew drinkers around the county it vanished again from the local grocery and convenience store shelves.

Recently, some nostalgic fans have taken to social media to express their reverence for the flavor.

According to “Since then, it’s been available few and far between, leading fans to constantly ask the brand to release the flavor on a more permanent basis.” Almost two full decades after its introduction Mountain Dew still receives daily communications from its fans requesting that the company releases it again. They even beg for it to be permanently included in the Mountain Dew production lineup.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black has certainly been seared into their fan’s consciousness and this coming year their wish will be granted with this next production run. With that announcement, they also mentioned that Mountain Dew Pitch Black’s formula will be slightly altered boasting a dark citrus punch flavor. As with prior adjustments the populous that enjoy this beverage have zero concerns about any profile alterations.

If over the years you have been working hard to remove sugar from your diet do not worry Mountain Dew is looking out for you. They will be offering this product in both regular and zero-sugar varieties. When the clock hits midnight this New Year’s Eve, Mountain Dew fans will have a little more than a new year to celebrate. They will be celebrating the triumphant return of Mountain Dew Pitch Blacks.