KFC Is Bringing Back Its Best Menu Item

KFC is bringing back the fan-favorite Twister Wraps but with the new name, "Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps."

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

KFC fans have much to rejoice about this week. The popular fast-food chain just announced the news that KFC Twister Wraps, a popular menu item, is returning. There is just one catch – it is a pilot program available in selected markets.

kfc twister wrap
Credit: KFC

In the early 2000s, KFC had an item on the menu called “KFC Twister Wraps”. It was a huge hit among customers, who were heartbroken when the restaurant pulled the wraps from its menu in 2014. They have requested its return ever since but in vain.

Now, at long last, the company decided to grant those requests. They plan to launch a pilot program, bringing the wrap sandwich back to a few select chains in the Atlanta area. And this time, the offering has a new name, “Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps.”

Happy customers will get to enjoy three versions of the tasty treat. A wrap that combines coleslaw with a chicken tender, one that combines macaroni and cheese with a chicken tender, and a classic chicken wrap. All are snack size and will cost just $3.

KFC hopes to capitalize on the new wave of snack food popularity. With many Americans working remotely or on modified schedules, snack foods are a successful menu option for many restaurants. The wraps also give the company another possible advantage.

Many McDonald’s customers were disappointed with the fast-food giant removed wraps from its menu. Since the company has no plans of bringing it back, KFC may have the opportunity to snatch up some new customers. And that is good news for the chain.

Competition is extremely tight in the fast food sector, and brands have all scrambled to keep their foothold. The result is a race to win the hearts of customers. One way they accomplish this is by regularly revamping each individual menu.

When a chain updates its menu by adding new and delicious options, it can create a marketing buzz behind the launch. Ultimately, it draws enough attention that it can boost sales. And KFC is taking full advantage of this phenomenon.

They have already launched two new products earlier in the year. The first was a new chicken nugget that perfectly fits inside the snacking category. The second launch featured a limited-edition plant-based alternative to the chicken nugget.

The CEO of KFC’s parent company, David Gibbs, held a call with analysts in May. According to a CNN report about the call, Gibbs said that the plant-based nugget launch “elevated the brand and boosted relevance.” While this is good news for KFC, it is even better news for customers.

Thanks to the battle over hearts and stomachs, consumers benefit. With regular additions to their favorite menus, it is hard for anyone to get bored. That enticement will have them return again and again.

So if you are not near one of the test stores, don’t despair. Due to the high demand for KFC wraps, they will likely become popular enough for a nationwide launch. In the meantime, you can satisfy your cravings with the newest nuggets.