Ford Says It Will Keep Its Mustang Gas-Powered, Here’s Why

Ford will keep making a gas-powered Mustang for the foreseeable future as part of its "Mustang Family Strategy."

By Charlene Badasie | Published

Ford’s glamorous introduction of a redesigned gas-powered Mustang sports car may run counter to the industry narrative of fossil-fueled vehicles making way for electric models. But the company is hoping it can help to pay for its electric-powered future. Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley is currently investing $50 billion to build two million EVs annually by 2026.

With the Mustang, the automaker is also offering a plug-in version called the Mach-E, which has seen sales soar this year. However, Ford’s gas-fueled vehicles still outsell those powered by electricity. This explains why the seventh generation of the popular American car was met with positive reactions.

Earlier this week, the Detroit automaker unveiled the redesigned 2024 Mustang hardtop and convertible with two gas-powered engines. Company bosses say redesigning the iconic car without any type of electrification is part of its “Mustang family strategy” that includes the all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover that went on sale in 2020.

ford mustang
2024 Ford Mustang
Source: Ford

Speaking about Ford’s new gas-powered model, Head of Mustang Marketing Jim Owens said the car maker knows that some customers still want that internal combustion. And others want the electric. That’s why the automaker offers both in its Mustang family.

Yet, according to Automotive News, a planned hybrid variant was scrapped. This probably makes the Mustang the last gas-powered offering from the Detroit-headquartered firm, a narrowing of the segment that seemed improbable a few years ago.

For now, Ford’s new Mustang will only be offered with pure gasoline power. The 2024 model will be offered with a big 5.0-liter V8 engine or a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines which have been improved to produce more power. The four-cylinder engines have also been designed to burn less fuel.

While the carmaker also promised that the V8 will be the most powerful “naturally aspirated” vehicle, the company has not revealed how much more power. Ford’s 2024 Mustang coupe has a newly designed body, but it’s clearly reminiscent of past models, CNN Business reports. The headlights are narrower and have three light bars in a line, forming virtual eyebrows.

The trunk area is shorter and the area housing the taillights is deeply indented which gives the lights a natural V shape. The grille is also considerably larger on V8-powered vehicles than on 4-cylinder models. The V8-powered Mustang GT also has a large heat extractor vent in the hood that reduces aerodynamic drag.

Although the outside of the new Ford closely resembles the traditional Mustang design, the inside is very different. A single large screen replaces the traditional gauges. It also acts as a center touch screen. The portion of the screen that’s not directly in front of the driver is angled in toward the driver. The richly detailed gauges and graphics on the screen are highly customizable, just like most of the other interior lights.

The new model is perfect for folks seeking to recapture the cars of their youth. There’s even a Fox Body Gauge option that shows dials like those on 1980s Mustangs. But Ford is also hoping their Mustang will appeal to Gen X, Millennials, and younger demographics.