Food Storage Technology Just Got A Major Upgrade

Facilio's Connected Refrigeration Solution has created an energy-efficient food storage option for companies burdened by ballooning energy costs.

By Wendy Hernandez | Published

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Facilio, a leading proptech company known for its intelligent building software, has unveiled its latest product, the Connected Refrigeration Solution, which promises to revolutionize food storage in the retail food industry. These cutting-edge software systems monitor and optimize refrigeration in various food retail operations, including grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

The State of Food Retail Operations

 The United States Department of Energy reports that the retail, food service, and grocery sectors represent 14 billion square feet of floor space in the country, with an annual $41 billion energy cost. Inefficient refrigeration and food storage systems are one of the main contributors to these high energy costs. They also present a risk to the quality and safety of food products.

According to, one of the UK’s “big four” grocery chains was among the early users of Facilio’s Connected Refrigeration Solution, with Facilio delivering 16 percent energy savings and eliminating the expense of undiscovered refrigerant leakage within weeks of introducing the software.

“In the retail industry, the front-end technology has seen incredible advances, while the back-end store operations have not evolved or changed much. There is still heavy reliance on store-level siloed systems. It’s an area ripe for transformation,” a press release quoted Raj Subramanian, co-founder, and chief product officer, as saying. “Our Connected Refrigeration solution helps retailers take control of their refrigeration systems, providing real-time visibility into the performance of their assets across all sites, enabling them to make informed decisions and reduce costs.”

Facilio’s Solution

Facilio’s Connected Refrigeration Solution addresses these challenges by providing retailers real-time data analysis and actionable insights. The software uses algorithms that monitor the temperature, humidity, and other vital factors that impact food quality. By implementing recommendations based on this data, retailers can improve the quality of their food storage while reducing costs and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Cost Savings and ROI

Facilio’s software enables retail store owners and operators to optimize their existing refrigeration systems, resulting in a return on investment within six months and up to 20 percent savings in refrigeration energy costs. This can significantly impact a retailer’s bottom line, especially when considering the size and scale of the food storage industry.

Partnership with Tutenlabs

 Facilio has partnered with Tutenlabs, a US-based IoT solutions provider, to drive value for more than 10,000 retail sites nationwide. By combining their expertise, the two companies can provide retailers with a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of their refrigeration systems, from monitoring to food storage optimization.

Future Prospects

 The Connected Refrigeration Solution is just one example of the many technological advancements in food storage technology that are set to revolutionize the industry. As retailers increasingly prioritize sustainability and cost savings, we expect to see more investment in these solutions.

Facilio’s Connected Refrigeration Solution provides retailers with a much-needed upgrade to their refrigeration systems. By monitoring, controlling, and optimizing their strategies, retailers can improve the quality of their food products, reduce costs, and minimize their environmental impact. With the potential for significant cost savings and ROI, it’s no wonder that more and more retailers are turning to solutions like Facilio’s to stay ahead of the competition.