Elon Musk Totally Failing At Running Twitter?

Elon Musk failed to fill the promises he made regarding Twitter like, utilizing polls, freedom of speech, and more.

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

elon musk twitter

It’s been a year since Elon Musk took over Twitter. And surprise, surprise, he has just about destroyed it. Musk promised to make specific changes to the social media platform to improve upon it. And, there’s a laundry list of items a mile long that show he ignored every promise he made. In fact, he is starting to denigrate his employees.

According to CNN, Elon Musk was only able to implement one change. He added a poop emoji so he could respond the press. Oh, so clever, Mr. Musk. Elon paid a ton of money to purchase Twitter and even borrowed from Tesla shares to keep the social media platform alive. 

He are 5 specific promises that Elon Musk has broken since taking over twitter:

Making decisions by poll: Musk had said that company decisions would be made by poll and that whatever the public voted for, would be the answer. Elon Musk has failed to make any changes by checking in with the public. One decision he made was to fire his cleaning crew.

After doing this, he told his (remaining) employees to bring in their own toilet paper since there would be no janitorial support to help stock and supply necessities. This is probably one of the more drastic things he has done.

Quitting: Elon Musk has promised to quit if one of his aforementioned polls reflected that he should step down. However, no polls and no quitting. Musk seems to enjoy taunting the press and fans of social media. He continues to say that no one else could run Twitter. 

Maximum Free Speech: Elon Musk said that he wouldn’t censor or ban anyone based on what they write. However, Alex Jones and Kayne West have been banned because of their polarizing views on, well, everything. He did reinstate Donald Trump but has had to edit and remove some of his tweets. 

On the other side of the political coin, Elon Musk has censored several American journalists. 

Digital Town Square: Elon Musk had announced that he would hold large meetings for all to discuss specific decisions. However, he has invited those who paid for the blue checkmark. He has then squashed the voices of those who don’t pay to play.

Proof of Life: Because Twitter has been over run with “bots” that impersonate people or just post scams, it had become a bad user experience. Musk had promised to remove all these folks to keep the platform human. However, he has done the opposite and actually removed the humans he said he wanted. He also stripped some celebrity users of their existing verified badges.

No severance for you: Elon Musk boasted about giving his layed off employees three-month severance after they were let go. He only gave them one month after pressuring them into signing documents that outlined what they could and more importantly, couldn’t do.