Why Domino’s Is Tipping Its Customers

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

domino's pizza

Domino’s is tipping customers for picking up their own food. Known as carryout tips, folks who order their pizza online or via the app can claim a $3 coupon code by selecting the “carryout” option. After claiming the tip by the Sunday of the same week the order was placed, the credit can be used on a qualifying meal in the next seven days. The discount can be combined with one other eligible carryout coupon, the eatery website says.

Speaking about the carryout tip promotion, Domino’s Senior Vice President of customer and store experience, Christopher Thomas-Moore said the fast food outlet knows the effort it takes to get up and leave the house in pursuit of a hot, delicious carryout pizza. “Diehard carryout customers are really like carryout heroes,” he continued, in a press release. “To show our gratitude, we’re giving them $3 to use on their next carryout order.”

Thomas-Moore added that he hopes people take advantage of the discount because they have earned it. Interestingly, this isn’t the first implementation for Domino’s customer carryout tipping. The promotion made its debut ahead of the Super Bowl, earlier this year. At the time, Domino’s customers claimed more than 17 million carryout tips. The current deal begins this week and will run until March 26, 2023, Food & Wine reports.

But not everyone is happy about Domino’s tipping its customers. Delivery drivers feel cheated by the deal and took to Reddit to voice their displeasure in early 2022. “The promotion is definitely working,” one user wrote. “I worked a four-hour shift and only took three deliveries. And only one person tipped me. It’s hurting the drivers badly.” Another driver said he gets less than $3 on most deliveries.

Hopefully, Domino’s can find some middle ground with employees on the second run of the carryout promotion. Away from the United States, the franchise is expanding its operations in the United Kingdom. Deputy Mayor of Brighton and Hove Jackie O’Quinn officially opened the new outlet in the Whitehawk region.

The store will be open every day from 11 am to 4 am and has brought 25 new jobs to the area. This includes pizza chefs, in-store team members, and delivery drivers, The Argus reports. Speaking about the new location, franchise operations director, Ricky Kandola said, “We’re excited to have opened a new store in Brighton, which will allow us to deliver our delicious menu of Domino’s classics to even more pizza lovers.”

To celebrate the grand opening, Domino’s customers can get 50% off their pizzas by using the FEEDME50 promotional code. The discount also includes two-topping pizzas which can be purchased for just £5.99 when folks collect them from the new branch.

The popular pizza outlet was first introduced in Britain in 1985. Since then, Domino’s has become the UK’s leading pizza brand with more than 1,000 stores across the country. The pizza chain also sold more than 105 million pizzas across the UK and Ireland in 2019.