Disney+ Now Insisting You Buy Things While Streaming Movies And Series

Disney+ is putting into place a feature that will allow viewers to make purchases while they are watching movies or series on the streamer

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

Disney+ is starting a new test for a feature that incorporates shopping while you stream shows. Subscribers to Disney+ will have exclusive access to exclusive access to Disney merchandise through the streaming app. This is being tested for a short time to determine whether or not it will be able to work out the way it is intended. 

Subscribers to Disney+ will have access to themed apparel and products alongside their favorite shows. All of the products that will be available are exclusive to subscribers to the streaming app. This comes in an attempt to boost sales and keep customers engaged.

Streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix are now having to get creative in just how they generate income. Companies are no longer able to just rely on subscription memberships alone to sustain the business. The numbers for how many subscribers to Disney+ are not exactly known but it is suspected that they are somewhere around 45 million in North America. 

The test run for the Disney+ selling feature will be easy for customers to access. For certain shown and movies on the app that has a carefully selected collection available for purchase, an alert will pop up and let the streamers know that they can shop for exclusive items. The streamer will then be able to press a shop button which will prompt a QR code to come up that the customers can scan. From there, customers will be able to scan the code with their phone and shop the exclusive merchandise from their phones. 

This new feature from Disney+ is a feature that the company hopes will enhance the customer experience for the subscriber. Disney hopes to keep the current subscribers and also entice new customers to subscribe to their streaming service with the exclusivity of the items being sold through the app. Disney is making lots of attempts to keep customers engaged and satisfied as a recession is likely to happen in the very near future

Disney+ is not the only streaming service to make changes and put out tests in an effort to keep customers engaged and boost sales. Netflix has recently reached a deal with major movie theaters in hopes of engaging with customers and boosting subscription sales. The reality is that companies cannot rely on subscription memberships alone as a main source of income if they want to keep their companies in the margin of profit.  

The reality of the business is rapidly changing and companies like Disney+ have to adapt and pivot to keep up with the times. The company is also planning other changes for the app and even throughout their theme parks. These changes are necessary and a smart move for Disney to continue as a top company. 

Other changes coming to the Disney+ app include a storytelling feature. The company is using collected data from theme park goers to make special offerings in the Disney+ app for the new storytelling feature. The potential new feature is not yet available and is still under development but is expected to launch soon for a trial run like the shopping feature.