Why A Popular Disney Resort Suddenly Shut Down

The Disney Resort in Shanghai, China has unexpectedly shut down due to a sudden spike in Covid-19 cases and the guests at the resort are being held there until they test negative three times in a row.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

The Disney Resort in Shanghai, China has shut down due to a spike in positive Covid-19 cases. Guests that are currently at the resort are being told to stay at the resort until they test negative three times over a course of three days. The Disney resort is operating under limited offerings to accommodate the guests that are stuck at the resort until they are able to provide the necessary negative tests. 

Throughout the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, China has observed some of the strictest protocols to contain and prevent the virus. The Disney Resort in Shanghai was shut down for more than three months this year and just like now, shut down abruptly with guests inside because of a spike in Covid cases last November. It may be extreme to lockdown an entire resort with guests inside but the country has an ultra-strict policy when it comes to this deadly virus. 

The Shanghai government made an announcement regarding the Disney resort closure and barring of people from entering and exiting the resort. The main theme park and surrounding areas of the Disney resort were shut down but the hotel and some rides were still operational for guest entertainment. While the Disney resort is in lockdown and the guests are locked inside, the park is observing the protocols that have been set forth by the local government to reduce the further spread of covid-19. 

Guests at the Disney Resort Shanghai must wear a mask both indoors and outdoors while at the park. While eating, guests may take off their masks. Social distancing is enforced, as well as regular temperature checks.

disney resort
Disney Shanghai Resort

In addition to the closure of the Disney resort, the Shanghai government has ordered the people living in the Yangpu district to stay home and ordered a massive quantity of Covid-19 tests. There are over one million people living in this specific district and the government is planning to test them all. The government is committed to taking extreme measures to keep the deadly virus contained in the best possible. 

The closure of Disney Resort Shanghai and the lockdown of the Yangpu district come as a result of a reported 97 positive Covid-19 cases over the past 28 days. More recently, there have been ten positive cases on October 30th, of people who have shown no symptoms of the virus. The fact that the recently reported ten cases are of people who are not exhibiting any symptoms is particularly alarming for the local government.

Guests who enter the Disney resort were required to provide a negative nucleic acid test. The purpose of the test is to detect bacteria and viruses present at the time of testing. The test for guests visiting the Disney Resort Shanghai is required to be taken within 72 hour period before entering the resort. In compliance with the strict Covid-19 protocol, people who have been out of the country ten days prior are not allowed to enter the Disney resort. All of these same protocols will be enforced once again after the reopening of the park. Guests will be notified as soon as the park resumes normal operations once again.