Delta Airlines Is Using A Clever Tactic To Drive Plane Ticket Sales

Delta is partnering with Starbucks to boost ticket sales and provide more perks like extra points to its rewards program members who often leverage their frequent flier miles.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

Delta Airlines and Starbucks are now in partnership in an attempt to bump up their sales. This is just one loyalty partnership that Delta has as a way for their SkyMiles members to earn points that can be used towards flights. These partnerships not only help customers earn points for flights, but also boost sales for the companies involved in the partnerships. 

Delta fliers and Starbucks lovers can now rejoice as the two companies are now in partnership, allowing customers who purchase qualifying items from Starbucks to earn rewards points, which can be used towards flight ticket purchases. This is just the latest partnership between Delta and other companies. Delta also has similar partnerships with companies like Airbnb, Instacart, American Express, and Lyft. 

Starbucks customers and Delta flyers are urged to link their accounts between the two companies now. Linking the accounts between the two companies is going to allow extra rewards and benefits that everyone will want to take advantage of. Members who link their Delta and Starbucks accounts will be rewarded with the ability to earn 500 miles, and that’s just because their accounts are linked!

Loyalty members who have both their Delta and Starbucks accounts linked will be able to earn one mile for every dollar spent at Starbucks, which is an awesome deal. Additionally, members who have their accounts linked together have the ability to earn twice the stars from the Starbucks rewards program on the days when they are flying through Delta. This basically equates to rewards on top of rewards on top of rewards! 

The ability to earn both Starbucks rewards and SkyMiles for Delta flights, simultaneously, makes this deal super sweet. While there are obvious benefits for customers, earning points and freebies with things they will buy regardless, this program also boosts sales for the companies, making this an all-around win. This is definitely a reward program that everyone can get behind.

delta starbucks coffee cups

With as little as 150 Starbucks rewards points, customers have already earned themselves a free drink or a hot breakfast item. Similar to the partnership program between Delta and Starbucks, for every one dollar you spend at Starbucks, you will earn one Starbucks rewards point. With the average person spending around $12 at each visit to Starbucks, customers enrolled in the rewards programs will be well on their way to earning lots of great rewards. 

The amount of SkyMiles it costs for a flight varies based on different factors. Demand for Delta flights, time of year, and other factors will all play a part in just how many SkyMiles it cost to purchase a flight. The program itself is completely free to join and is definitely something to consider if you are a frequent flyer or even just the occasional traveler. 

The partnerships between companies like Delta and Starbucks are such a great way for customers to earn rewards on their regular purchases and essentially, earn back some of the dollars they spend. It also allows people who may not fly as frequently, to still earn rewards through purchases that can be put towards a flight. With such great benefits, there is no going wrong.