These Countries Are Discouraging Citizens From Visiting The United States

New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Uruguay, and Venezuela have all issued warnings to their citizens in regard to traveling to the United States, with many pointing to the occurrence of mass shootings, gun violence, and terrorism (both domestic and international).

By Wendy Hernandez | Published

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Travel advisories should be a two-way street. As international adventures regain momentum, it’s vital not only for Americans to follow the State Department’s travel warnings but also for non-American tourists to stay informed about their governments’ advisories. Surprisingly, the United States has also been the target of warnings from several nations, asking their nationals to be cautious during their travels.

As per Verify, a platform dedicated to distinguishing between accurate and false information, inquiries about travel concerns to Mexico led to further questions from readers about global travel. Many were curious if other countries had issued comparable warnings for travelers heading to the U.S. According to their findings, citizens of the following countries were given advisories when visiting the United States:

New Zealand

Due to the possibility of terrorism, New Zealand has issued a Level 2 alert for its citizens traveling to the United States. The administration considers that the United States remains a target for international terror groups and homegrown radicals, with possible assaults on foreign-visited areas.


Canadian visitors are advised to take the same security measures as they would in Canada when visiting the United States. The Canadian government, on the other hand, stresses the high incidence of handgun possession and the occurrence of mass shootings in the United States, encouraging tourists to become comfortable with reacting to active shooter scenarios.


While Australia’s lowest advisory level of “exercise normal safety precautions” applies to the United States, the government warns that the country’s violent crime and gun crime statistics are higher. Furthermore, Australian tourists are advised to be wary of a continuing and heightened threat of terrorist strikes and mass casualty violence in the United States.

The United Kingdom

According to the U.K. government, violent crime, including gun violence, seldom affects visitors to the United States. However, they acknowledge the occurrence of mass shootings and advise reading the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s recommendations on what to do in the case of an active shooter.


The U.S. is “among the safest countries,” according to France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, tourists should be aware of urban crime and a rise in carjacking instances. The ministry gives a summary of probable hazards in key U.S. city neighborhoods, advocating prudence in specific locations.

Uruguay and Venezuela (2019)

Venezuela and Uruguay issued travel warnings to their people in 2019 about traveling to the United States. Both nations emphasized the rise in violent and hate crimes, such as racism and prejudice. Due to the possibility of indiscriminate violence, Uruguay advised avoiding large gatherings and activities.

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