Brunswick Centennial Balls vs Aramith

Let us analyze Brunswick Centennial Balls VS Aramith Premium Balls. Initially, we will discuss both the balls individually and later compare their similarities and differences.

brunswick centennial balls vs aramith

Aramith vs brunswick centennial balls


Aramith Premium Balls

Aramith Premium Pool balls are the best set of balls for anybody who relishes playing for a more drawn out interval. They are made by the industry leaders located in Belgium. Aramith makes the game gratifying for the players because of its remarkable fabrication. It is fabricated of phenolic tar that gives scratch assurance and high impact resistance. These balls have been engineered to serve multiple times longer than other balls created from polymers. Aramith stands out due to its great sparkly shade.

While using Aramith Premium balls you can be certain that you are playing pool with world class production. You can have a long time of fun and pleasure. This set of balls have a rating of 5/5 stars at Amazon.

Brunswick Centennial Balls

Centennial balls are also made with premium grade phenolic resin. The balls are ground and polished to exacting radial tolerances of 0.001 of an inch for an absolutely true roll. Brunswick Centennial balls have a long durability span. These balls would deliver great quality of performance even after being used over a long period of time. This set of balls by Brunswick are made to add years and give enduring playing fulfillment.

The Brunswick endeavors to separate itself by being unique from other brands. You shouldn’t probably turn out badly with the Centennial Billiard Balls.

Brunswick Centennial Balls VS Aramith Premium Balls

Now let us discuss the differences in both the pool balls. Both are made of high-end quality using phenolic resin and have similar specifications. There are minor differences between the two and most players prefer both. Surprisingly, there are also many players who own both Aramith Premium and Brunswick Centennial balls. And they claim that they can hardly point the significant differences in the two.


Brunswick Centennial balls weigh around 6.6 lbs. Whereas, Aramith premium pool balls weight is around 6.25 ounces which is typically a decent weight for a pool ball. This weight encourages you to score more in light of the fact that the lesser the heaviness of the ball, less power will be required to hit the ball and you could score more points. But if the ball is heavy, you will require more solidarity to hit the ball the correct way. This uniform weight gives the ball a magnificent parity and a fine adjusted shape.

Table Cloth

The players have observed that Brunswick table cloth remains cleaner. It also has better resistance to wear and tear.

Cosmetic outlook

Centennial balls have numbers in the field rather than the stripe and the trademark darts within the circle. It just enhances its cosmetic look and also goes back in history when ivory was used.

There are no completely adjusted white circles over the number for Centennial balls. The stripe numbered balls are the ones that look generally changed. Rather than the number being on the stripe, the numbers are being shown on a blank area on the ball.


Brunswick Centennial Pool Balls are additionally heat combined to make a bond which makes them the absolute most grounded and most strong pool balls ever made. The Centennials are as round as they get, being definitely shaped inside .001 (one-thousandth of an inch) tolerance. A translucent ivory shade, glistening shading and one of a kind dart recognization. Centennial Balls come with flexibility and equalization that permits hairline precision. They also have numbers and hues that won’t rub off, spot, or blur. That makes Centennial Balls predominant in both playing quality and appearance.

Tests show Aramith phenolic balls to withstand to more than multiple times a bigger number of effects than other polymer or polyester balls. They are likewise twice more scratch-safe. Thus, when seriously utilized even on less looked after tables, Aramith balls are far less effectively harmed than others by pocket fixings, table components or cue stick. Touch base in an auspicious way played well. They are incredible and look extraordinary on the pool table.

Conclusion: Who is Better

I would advise anybody to purchase these Centennial Pocket Balls on account of their unrivaled equalization and magnificence. Nevertheless, the Aramith premium balls can also fulfill the desires of the players to enjoy a quality game. None of the product purchase will result in any disappointment.

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