Bounty vs Brawny: Which Paper Towel Is The Best?

By Rick Gonzales | 7 months ago

bounty vs brawny

Go ahead, you can admit it. When you’re in the grocery store looking for a package of paper towels, price is the deciding factor. That’s not a bad thing, we all need to keep our wallets in check in this day and age of price gouging and inflation. However, if paying a few more coins could get you a paper towel that doesn’t rip at the sight of moisture, would you? This is why we are going to pit Bounty vs Brawny in the battle of paper towel supremacy to see if we can sway you one way or the other.


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The Bounty brand has been around for nearly 60 years. Procter & Gamble first introduced the popular paper towel, as many know as “the quicker-picker-upper,” in 1965, which came as an off-shoot of Charmin Towels. At the time, most paper towel makers focused mainly on making their products soft or strong, so when Bounty came to be, they focused mainly on what consumers wanted – absorbency.

Brawny has also been around since the mid- ‘60s. The Brawny brand is mainly known by their “Brawny man” lumberjack, who came into existence in the ’70s and has been a feature on every roll since. Although Brawny has featured the tough and rumble lumberjack, in 2017 the brand decided to also introduce the Brawny lady. It was for Women’s History Month, and she sported the same flannel shirt along with some bold, red lipstick. She also came with the hashtag that read #StrengthHasNoGender.


bounty vs brawny

Two things come to mind when it comes to a great paper towel. How well they absorb and how strong they are once they are wet.

In a recent test with liquid, Bounty went up against Brawny to see which paper towel absorbed liquid better. When Brawny was tossed over liquid for 60 seconds, it kept the liquid mainly in the middle, keeping its sides dry.

By comparison, the same thing was done with Bounty and the result were almost similar. But with Bounty, the liquid concentration was tighter, revealing Bounty as the paper towel that absorbs the best.



paper towels

Next, both paper towel behemoths went up against each other in the strength test. For this test, both paper towels were first wet, then set tightly across a bowl. Weights were then used to determine how much they could hold.

Weight was slowly added to the stretched-out Brawny paper towel. In total, the wet Brawny paper towel was able to hold a bit over 1.5 pounds before it ripped.

By comparison, the wet Bounty paper towel was much more impressive holding weight. Before all was said and done with Bounty, it was able to hold nearly 2.70 pounds before it ripped. Having nearly doubled Brawny’s weight, Bounty won a second, very important category.


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Bounty has four options when it comes to variety. They offer the Bounty Select-A-Size, Bounty Full-Size Sheets, Bounty Essentials Select-A-Size, and Bounty Essentials Full Size. The Bounty Select-A-Size and Bounty Full-Size Sheets are offered in three different roll sizes – regular, double, and triple. Their Bounty Essentials line is offered in four roll sizes – regular, big, single plus, and double.

Brawny also offers paper towels in different varieties. They come in full sheets, Pick-A-Size Sheets, and Tear-A-Square Sheets. They also come in various roll sizes from regular to double to large and extra-large. The Tear-A-Square sheets are nice because you don’t have to waste full sheets to clean up a smaller mess.

THE WINNER – BRAWNY based on the fact that there is much less waste.



This one should be an easier choice if the design is your thing when comparing Bounty vs Brawny.

Brawny is simple when it comes to design. The paper towel mainly features the Brawny name etched across it and not much else. It’s right to the point, letting users know just who Brawny is when they rip off one of their paper towels for use.

Bounty offers numerous print designs throughout all of its paper towel varieties. Some are year-round designs, some are seasonal (holidays, seasons), while some are limited editions. Regardless, if you wish to have a nice or fun design on your paper towel, Bounty has options.

THE WINNER – BOUNTY if designs are your thing.



Prices for these paper towels, especially given that the country is in the middle of a product shortage is a little more difficult than it should be. We went to the easiest place to find prices – Amazon. Though we were able to grab some prices, finding these paper towels in stock may be more of a challenge.

We tried to compare like variety so here is what we came up with.

Bounty offers its quick-size paper towels at three price levels: 8 family rolls (equal to 20 regular rolls) sell for $17.84 on Amazon. 12 family rolls (equal to 30 regular rolls) go for $16.99 on Amazon. 16 family rolls (equal to 40 regular rolls) go for $25.00 on Amazon. Of course, Bounty offers many more sizes and prices.

Brawny measures their paper towels out a little differently than Bounty. For example, the Brawny Tear-A-Square comes in 6 rolls (equal to 12 regular rolls) and sells for $11.99 on Amazon. 8 rolls (16 regular rolls) go for $13.99 on Amazon. 12 rolls (24 regular rolls) sell for $36.00 on Amazon, and 16 rolls (32 regular rolls) will cost $29.89 on Amazon. Brawny also offers many more sizes and prices.

As you can see, when it comes to prices on Amazon, they can be all over the place.



bounty vs brawny

If you are looking at price alone, a clear-cut winner would be hard to choose. One can always find a great deal on Amazon.

Now, if you’re looking for what really makes a difference (absorption and strength), Bounty is the winner. They offer better absorption while also demonstrating a stronger paper towel.