How Blue-Collar Workers Are Helping Bring Power To Remote Villages

Blue-collar workers from Portland, Oregan traveled to a small village in Guatemala to build the residents there an electrical grid so they could have access to electricity.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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Imagine living a life with absolutely no electricity. You’d be in the dark for a lot of the time, and you would have no refrigeration. It would be like living in the past. However, some blue-collar workers from the United States have traveled to a remote village in Guatemala to provide electricity for the very first time.  

According to KGW8, a television news channel, blue-collar workers, including one engineer, traveled from Portland, Oregon to a remote Guatemalan village to provide an electric grid. This will change these people’s lives in a drastic way. 

Although workers put up the wires and ran them into people’s homes, the villagers did the main blue-collar job of digging holes in the incredibly hard soil. 

The ambitious blue-collar undertaking was made possible through an international cooperation between the United States and Guatemala.

The team of blue-collar workers arrived in Guatemala to construct over 2,000 miles of power lines that would bring electricity to millions of people across the country. After months of hard work and dedication, they managed to complete the difficult task ahead of schedule.

The impact this work will have on Guatemalan citizens is far-reaching. With access to reliable electricity, families can improve their quality of life by having more opportunities for employment and education than ever before. 

Coffee comes from Guatemala, so it is assumed that production can go up once the villagers have more resources. In addition, schools and communities can benefit from improved infrastructure and further economic development potential as a result.

This project is an example of how the blue-collar hard work and determination of blue-collar workers can make a positive impact around the world. By combining dedication and international cooperation, Portland’s team was able to bring much-needed electricity to Guatemala, which will undoubtedly benefit its citizens in countless ways.

The accomplishment serves as an inspiration to others that goals can be achieved through sheer effort and relentless commitment, no matter the size or scope of the undertaking. Guatemala ‘s experience with Portland’s volunteers is an example of how a small group of dedicated people can have a large impact.
Since Guatemala is indeed an ancient country with many discoveries to be found, archaeologists can use the electricity to continue making discoveries.

It also showcases the power of blue-collar collaboration between different countries – when people come together for a common purpose, great things can be accomplished.

It’s worth noting that this achievement wasn’t made possible without significant risk on behalf of these brave blue-collar workers from Portland. 

From the difficult physical labor to the intricate safety protocols, these individuals put their lives on the line for a greater cause and we are all better for it.

This is an inspiring story that should serve as a reminder of what can be done when people come together for a common purpose – and it’s also one worth celebrating. 

The hardworking blue-collar workers from Portland have made history by making electricity accessible to millions in Guatemala, and in doing so, have forever impacted many lives for the better.