Black Hawk Military Helicopter Suffers Fiery Crash In Alabama

A Black Hawk military helicopter crashed in Madison County, Alamaba, for what currently remains an unknown reason.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

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While Americans carefully watch the news, looking for more “unidentified objects” cruising our skies, a few tragedies unfolded. Most people have now heard of the train derailment in Ohio roughly two weeks ago. But what you may not be aware of is a Black Hawk crash.

On Wednesday, a United States Army Black Hawk helicopter was out for a routine training operation. It carried two personnel, both members of the Tennessee National Guard. Unfortunately, while the Black Hawk flew over Madison County, Alabama, it suddenly crashed.

The crash occurred near Burwell Road and Alabama Highway 53. According to NPR, “Deputies from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department were still at the crash site Wednesday night and will block off a long stretch of Highway 53 until at least Thursday afternoon.” There is no word on how the investigation is going yet. 

But we do know that the Black Hawk crash was tragically fatal. The tragic news is that the crash killed both Tennessee National Guardsmen on board. The Guard will not release their names until the families get properly notified.

Based on statements from the local sheriff’s office and Tennessee National Guard, no other Guardsmen or civilians sustained injuries in the Black Hawk crash. So, that is a small glimmer of good news amidst a sad situation. 

Tennessee’s adjutant general, Brigadier General Warner Ross, expressed a heartfelt sentiment about the loss. He said, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of two Tennessee National Guardsmen, and our prayers are with their families during this heartbreaking tragedy.” The Tennessee Governor also released a statement. 

Governor Bill Lee said, “Maria & I are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of two Tennessee National Guard members. Please join us in lifting their families up in prayer & support during this time of unspeakable grief.” The untimely loss of the two Guardsmen occurred during a turbulent time in the nation. Troubling and disconcerting news inundates us nearly daily lately.

And while the nation seeks answers on many of the events that have rocked news headlines lately, the cause of the Black Hawk crash may take some time to determine. Robert Carver, the National Guard Bureau spokesman, “said it’s ‘premature to discuss possible causes of the crash’ and ‘the incident will be investigated.'” He did not provide an estimate of how long that investigation may take.

The Tennessee National Guard officially started in 1887 after the state’s 45th General Assembly established the unit. Soldiers from the Tennessee National Guard have fought in every war since the Spanish-American War. But unofficially, the Tennessee National Guard began in 1774. 

That year, Captain Evan Shelby started the first militia mobilization in the nation. It is one of the many reasons people call Tennessee “The Volunteer State.” These days, there are over 12,000 airmen and soldiers in the Tennessee National Guard. 

The two Guardsmen who tragically lost their lives in the Black Hawk crash had deep roots in their communities. Their dedication to protecting the state of Tennessee, its residents, and the United States deserve honor. And it is a loss for their families most of all.