What Is The Best Way To Reheat Pizza?

What is the best way to reheat pizza? It would seem like a simple answer, but there are a variety of methods to get optimal taste

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

best way to reheat pizza

The pizza pie. It’s an American staple. Although, according to the history of pizza, it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that we first saw a pizza and it didn’t start becoming an American phenomenon until the 1940s. But not all pizza pies are built the same and sometimes we find ourselves left with a few slices we simply cannot stuff in our full bellies. Some people prefer to eat those leftovers cold, which begs the question: how long is pizza good for in the fridge? But others prefer theirs warm. So, the debate then becomes – what is the best way to reheat pizza?


The type of pizza, and how many slices, play an integral part in finding the best way to reheat pizza. We know some of you love your pizza loaded with all the goodies. You know the ones: Meats, cheeses, veggies, and some of you even like fruit on your pies. Just know that if you are looking for a good reheat of your pizza, the more toppings it has, the more chance the reheat may not be a balanced one.

Obviously then, a pizza slice with a simple lathering of cheese and pepperoni will find better balance as there aren’t as many ingredients that need heating. There are toppings that may not fare as well as a meat topping. Many of the veggie toppings come out of the refrigerator as wilted. Those of you who like exotic toppings such as shrimp may find reheating this type of pie a little more challenging.

So, before reheating your pizza, consider what we spoke of above. How many pieces you are reheating? What type of toppings is on your pizza? Are any of those toppings of the exotic variety? Are your veggies wilted?


best way to reheat pizza

Most of us probably go for the quick fix. Patience is always thin when you’re looking for that quick refire of last night’s amazing pizza. In this case, the quick fix is the microwave oven. It’s simple – just grab a slice or two, toss them on a paper plate, slide them into the microwave, and set the timer. Sometimes you find you need to set the timer one or two more times before the cold is gone from the pizza. Sometimes you find you leave the slices in too long and they begin to boil and by the time you get the pizza slice out, the cheese is like lava and the crust is like wood.

The reason for this microwave issue is basically because of how microwaves work in heating up food. Microwaves produce waves that are absorbed by water molecules. It is the vibration of these water molecules as they absorb the created energy that actually heats the food. Microwaves cook food from the inside out, though visually it appears to be the exact opposite. You will notice that as the water molecules in the pizza sauces are heated and then evaporate, they steam the pizza, which causes it to be soggy. With the crust not having any sauce on it, it loses moisture much faster, drying out and turning rock hard.

Another best way to reheat pizza is on a stovetop. Yes, you can put your slice of pizza in a pan and heat it that way. Skillets work best, a cast-iron one being the preferred instrument of choice. Some skillets. Like a stainless steel one, will need some oil applied before laying down your piece of heaven. Nonstick skillets could work, but just remember they aren’t ideal for preheating to a high temperature. You can get a cast-iron skillet blazing and it offers a great balance in warming the crust and getting the toppings warm. You can always toss a lid over the skillet but remember, keeping the heat in also causes moisture. So, if you are going that route, be sure you take the lid off towards the end of your reheat job so the crust will crisp properly.

The other way to reheat your pizza, whether it be a slice or in this instance, quite a few slices, would be in an oven. This method offers the pizza connoisseur the best chance at bringing their pie back to day one standards. The trick here is not only making sure your oven is preheated properly – you can start at 350 degrees but most like to kick it up to 375 – while also making sure the baking sheet is warmed up before you put the pizza on it. Of course, you can always reheat the pizza straight on the rack or on aluminum foil, but the safest bet is to put the pizza on a baking sheet.

From there it is but a 7-10-minute cook. Take a peek at your pizza from time to time to make sure you aren’t crisping the crust more than you want. The oven reheat offers the best balance and can make that leftover pizza look as good as fresh.


When you are considering the best ways to reheat pizza, you have to consider the drying out factor. No one likes a dry pizza, in fact, the sloppier the pizza, the better for all involved. So, if you are in a hurry and your go-to option is the microwave, you can employ this little hack that might save your pizza from dryness on the reheat.

As you get ready to hit the cook button, add a small, microwave-safe cup of water. Put it off to the side of the pizza right before you close the door and send it spinning. The water should, hopefully, create the moisture the pizza needs. It should allow for the cheese to re-melt before the crust dries out. A 30-45 second burn on high heat should get the job done, but as with anything in a microwave, keep an eye on it. You can easily turn the microwave into the best way to reheat pizza.

We mentioned how to keep your pizza moist when cooking on a skillet (cover it with a lid) but as for the oven solution as the best way to reheat pizza, there isn’t much worry of your pizza drying out. That is, as long as you don’t overcook it. With any reheating method, just keep a watchful eye on the prize.


As far as the absolute best way to reheat pizza, it looks like tossing it in the oven is the clear winner. What you need to decide is do you have the time it takes to preheat, then prewarm, then cook? Are you one of those impatient types who need your slice right then and there? Employ that simple microwave hack if that is the case. Do you want some extra crispiness on your crust? A little oil will go a long way if you opt for the skillet treatment.

Any way you slice it, the bottom line is balance. You want a full reheat, not just a gooey top with a cold middle. The oven is your best bet. Time to learn some patience.