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Viral content can be created by formulas. Specialization in creating viral websites can lead to immediate backlinks. Even if you are not someone who creates viral content but is experiencing certain posts that are bringing in higher traffic then you need to think about your hosting. A viral website has many foundations and one of them is the hosting. You should invest in the best hosting for viral websites to make sure good continuity of service.

Here are some of the reasons why you need good hosting for viral websites.

No Disruption in Viral Website Content

Viral websites can bring in hundreds for small viral and thousands of visitors for posts that have a higher impact factor. It is necessary that your website remains live for most of the time. A good hosting company will make sure that your website remains live for at least 99% of the time.

If your website server can not withstand the higher number of a request than all of your hard work can be wasted. It is imperative that you have a strong hosting service provider that have experienced high traffic websites. SiteGround is one such hosting company where you can expect them to deliver their claimed traffic without any disruption.

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Viral Websites Are An Opportunity

If you have the talent for creating viral content then you can turn your website into gold mine overnight. Search engine optimization has many factors that can be finalized as most probably ranking factors. Backlinks are one of the topmost factors in determining the quality of the page or website.

A website with higher backlinks or referring domains can be deemed as better than the one with lower links. Although, both websites can have the same content the fact that one has a higher number of referring domains makes it better than the website with a lower referring domain. In the future, the website with higher referring domains will have higher authority in the eyes of the search engine than the lower one.

A viral website can help you seize this opportunity. This is one of the reasons people create viral content, let it be a blog post or a video. Viral content can turn a lot of eyes. In terms of search engine optimization viral content can turn loads of blogs in the news domain toward your viral content.

You can get an exponential referring domains along with the traffic. If in such a case, you have a poor hosting company that is not able to take the pressure of continuous traffic than you will not get the precious linking websites to your blog. The opportunity is lost because you laid the wrong foundation.

If you had chosen a right hosting company, your website would deliver non stop content to a user searching your domain and as a result, you would have got loads of backlinks. This would result in increasing the authority of your blog or website. In the future, you would have been able to compete with big domains. Because now everybody knows you around.

Also, a viral website with good hosting can become a brand in the eyes of  Google and other search engines. Search engines rank brands these days and for a startup company to quickly become a brand going viral with the right foundations is one of the ways.

What Is Important For Viral Website Hosting

For viral websites hosting three things are most important:

  1. Maximum Uptime
  2. Economical hosting
  3. CDN support
  4. Fast loading speed

Maximum  Uptime: As already discussed your website has to remain live all the time.

An Economical Hosting: Viral websites are usually startups and are on a short budget. The dilemma is that you probably can not afford high end hosting but also can not compromise on the quality. SiteGround lies just at this sweet spot, where you can get all the services at a very economical price.

CDN Support: Content delivery networks help to deliver data to a visitor from their nearer locations. There is no point in routing data from a longer route. It will be a waste of bandwidth, energy and resources.

Cloudflare is one of the CDN services that can help spread your content securely around the world. This ensures the lower load on the server and faster content delivery to the viral content requester.

SiteGround offers free Cloudflare integration so you do not have to manually set the configuration for an ideal spread of content in their worldwide data centers.

Fast Loading Speed: If a viral content website remains live but has poor loading speed then users will not wait for content to load and leave the website. If your viral content is not available then you will lose the benefits of going viral. One of the major losses is getting recognition and acquiring the potential referring domains.

SiteGround offers their own plugins to optimize the web loading speed. They have server cache enabled which ensures instant delivery of first content block. You can do further optimization with their free SG Optimiser plugins that can optimize images, minify CSS, javascript and optimize render-blocking codes.

Strategically Buy Viral Website Hosting

If you can create viral content once then you can create it repeatedly. Your first viral content will not go as viral as you think. Strategically grow your viral hosting package. My suggestion for you is to take up the GrowBig plan at SiteGround hosting.

With your first viral post observe how much traffic you are able to serve. Chances are that your website will remain live because you are still in the process of making the name. If your viral post was successful and you have successfully attracted hundreds if not thousands of visitors then its time to check the amount of referring domains you have gained.

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A good place to check the referring domain is at Semrush. If you have gained a significant increase in the backlinks then you can take up the GoGeek hosting package this time. After talking with the support you can manage to get a discount for the upgrade at the membership level.

With your second viral post, repeat the above process and measure the amount of viral traffic you are able to attain. If it is still the same or a little bigger than your previous viral post than stick with the same hosting plan. Keep an eye on the amount of referring domain increase you are gaining with these posts.

Now is the time to write normal content and observe how soon you are able to rank content which has no potential to get viral. If your business plan is to post viral content only then only switch to VPS at SiteGround after you observe spikes in incoming traffic.


You are already thinking smart about starting a viral website. You can only explore the potential of your viral content creation ability with a good hosting environment. SiteGround is not too cheap or expensive like Kinsta, WpEngine but offers the right starting point to see how you are performing.

Viral websites are a continuous struggle like any other website. The rewards are exceptional if everything is done in the right way. Please leave me an email or message if you need any further assistance.

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