The Best Cork Yoga Mat Options For Any Practice

The best cork yoga mat options are from Scoria, Yoloha, Zentric Flo, Orenda India, and Hybrid Hippie.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

best cork yoga mat

When it comes to finding the perfect yoga mat for an exercise routine, there are a lot of factors to consider. What type of yoga will you primarily be doing? Plus there’s grip, cushion, size, how easy it is to clean, is it sustainable, and of course, the price. It can get a little overwhelming and make you want to shut your laptop and take a nap. This is where the best cork yoga mat can come into play.

More and more yoga practitioners are looking for sustainable and earth-friendly options. Yoga mats can be made from a variety of materials. Generally, yoga mats are made of PVC or vinyl. Next in popularity to the traditional vinyl yoga mat is cork.

Cork is made from outer tree bark. It is 100% natural, recyclable and reusable. Cork is also very versatile and an excellent material for a yoga mat. We’ve compiled a list of the best cork yoga mats to consider in the search for the best possible mat to support any yoga practice.


Yoloha Original Cork Yoga Mat

best cork yoga mat

Price: $119

Coming highly rated from the yoga community is the Yoloha Original Cork Yoga Mat. Yoga practitioners love this cork yoga mat for many reasons. First, this is the OG of cork yoga mats, and the owners of Yoloha yoga mats rave about exceptional customer service. Yoloha yoga mats are made of a unique blend of cork and foam, offering the best cushion and excellent stability when in any balancing pose. 

The mats typically come in two lengths, offering great options for male or taller yoga practitioners. The grip on this mat, especially for those planning to sweat during their yoga practice, comes in with high ratings. No matter if the mat is wet or dry, don’t expect to slip out of any poses.

This mat is six millimeters thick and just 2.5 pounds, making it portable and lightweight. Unlike most vinyl yoga mats, this mat will always lay flat and stay in place. It is 100% vegan and has no PVCs, latex, or harsh chemical smells. Additionally, the Yoloha mat is easy to keep clean and care for.

Scoria Biggest Essential Cork Yoga Mat

Price: $124

This particular cork yoga mat is bigger than standard yoga mats. It is taller, wider, and thicker. Scoria’s mat is 80 inches long by 28 inches wide and is made of 100% natural cork and rubber. This is an excellent option for those who adhere to the standards of a nontoxic yoga practice.

This mat offers top-quality ultra-grip, and practitioners need not worry about slipping when dripping sweat. It actually provides a better grip when wet. The mat can be spritzed with water to activate the sweat grip technology. The mat itself is perfect for a variety of yoga practices. Whether it’s restorative, gentle, hot yoga practice, or even just meditation and basic stretching, this is one of the mats for a reason.

And who wouldn’t love the extra room? The extra size all around is really what sets this mat apart. But if you happen to just want a standard-size yoga mat, Scoria also offers a range of standard-size yoga mats with a number of beautiful designs. Some of the designs include alignment indicators, ensuring that you are in the proper position. 

Scoria, the company that makes the Biggest Essential Cork Yoga Mat, is also well known for its generosity. The company donates meals, empowers humans through play, provides education for Indigenous youth in Canada, and more. The company gives back in many ways, using every purchase to make an impact. 

Zentric Flo Afro Moon Cork Yoga Mat

best cork yoga mat

Price: $100

The Zentric Flo Afro Moon Cork Yoga mat features a beautiful design with an Afro-centric style and a unique flower moon phase design. In addition to the Afro Moon design, the company offers a plain cork mat, as well as other Afro-centric designs. Like all quality cork yoga mats, the mat is anti-microbial, making it resistant to mold and mildew.

This Afro Moon cork mat is 5mm thick and provides dense cushion. The mat is made with premium cork from Oak trees and is rubber backed, making it non-slip and allowing for optimal grounding during your yoga practice. This will elevate your practice to the next level, making it one of the best cork yoga mats out there.

Orenda India Asana Cork Yoga Mat

Price: $75-$85

This mat is produced and shipped from India, the birthplace of yoga. The top layer of the cork yoga mat is made from cork and recycled rubber. The bottom layer of the mat is made from foam. This combination gives yoga practitioners extra padding while practicing.

The Asana Cork Yoga Mat is available in two designs. The first one is a plain yoga mat, and the second one features seven chakra symbols. The mat is 72 inches in length by 24 inches wide and is five millimeters thick. It is also non-slip and repels bacteria. Plus the mat is odor-free and tear-resistant.

Hybrid Hippie Moon Phase Yoga Mat

best cork yoga mat

Price: $130

This yoga mat comes in slightly thinner than others on our list. It is 4.5 millimeters thick but still provides an abundance of cushioning. The Hybrid Hippie Moon Phase Yoga mat comes in a standard size of 72 inches by 24 inches. The design on the mat provides a symmetric guide that aids in the proper alignment of poses during any yoga practice. 

The top layer of the mat is the natural cork that comes from trees in Portugal. The bottom layer of the mat is made from natural rubber sourced from Malaysia and Thailand.

The two layers of the mat are bonded together through a heat process, making the mat free from any toxic glues. This mat also features a non-slip grip that only improves as you sweat. It makes the mat ideal for regular or hot yoga.

Hybrid Hippie, the company that makes this yoga mat, is based in Dubai. The company is extremely conscious of the products and materials they use, and how they are sourced. In addition to taking care of the planet by providing sustainable products, the company works to empower the people who make and create the products.