Apple To Unveil New Touchscreen Laptops?

Apple detailed on a recent earnings call that it was intending to release a touchscreen laptop in 2025.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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Apple has been on top of the electronics game for some time. Although it does have its competitors, not one seems to hold the clout or cool factor that an Apple device has. Is it Siri? Is it the cool designs? Is it the lore of Steve Jobs? The answer is probably, yes, to all three. But Apple has come under fire lately for issues like not including cords with its iPhones and not having its app store under control. Perhaps that’s why the company is considering making a touchscreen computer.

Steve Jobs always said that doing so would be counterintuitive to how the products are used. You don’t want to hold your arm up to a computer to touch it to make it work! It’s not a phone or a tablet! Well, according to CNN, Apple may be changing its tune. 

In a recent earnings call, the company announced it is developing a touchscreen MacBook Pro launching in 2025. Some folks may say it’s about time, as competitors like Microsoft, Samsung, HP, and Dell have been offering touchscreens with their flagship computers for some time. 

Consumers have gotten used to touchscreens on their computers In fact, many people who are using a friend’s computer or are looking at something on someone else’s computer have the tendency to touch it, expecting it to function like a phone or yes, another brand of computer, that is a touchscreen laptop.

Mac revenue increased in 2022’s fiscal year by 14%. This is partly due to a new in-house processor that improved battery life and offered better performance. So, perhaps the timing is right for Apple to add that touchscreen laptop that so many consumers now expect. 

Apple may even develop a foldable iPhone a la Samsung to keep up with recent trends. However, because Apple is known as the trailblazer of mobile tech, it does feel like they are now doing the chasing instead of the leading. It doesn’t make things easier when the lines between all the products are starting to get incredibly blurry.

Phones, iPads, and now Macs. All touchscreens, all computers. When you have a suite of products like this, you have to do more explaining on benefits and features of each product. Apple’s advertising does not rely on explanation. It relies on design, the cool factor, and a little bit of intrigue. Apple may have to shift its marketing strategy … a bit.

Until then, we have the new Apple VR headset launching this year, which will give Meta a run for its money (literally). With Meta being the first out of the gate with AR, again, Apple is chasing another tech company.  Does this position Apple as cool or just another tech giant that couldn’t see the trends? We’ll see. 

Until then, Apple needs to make sure it stays out of the headlines with lawsuits from other nations and not paying its taxes. According to Japan, Apple owes the country some money, and it’s not backing down. We’re sure Apple will come out on top. It always does. But the question remains, will we see a touchscreen laptop MacBook? Probably.