Apple Making It’s Own VR Headset?

By Joseph Farago | 1 month ago

virtual reality

Apple is taking on a new venture in the virtual reality world. This week, the tech company announced its manufacturing VR headsets which could be on the marketplace soon. This virtual gaming headpiece was recently demonstrated at a board meeting to universal excitement, titled Apple AR.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Apple would soon have the AR headset available to purchase. The company also stated that it’s amping up development for a new gaming system that would be compatible with the VR headset. Both could be coming to markets very soon and will attract fans who are both Apple lovers and gaming experts.

Even though Apple has spent years consistently innovating its well-known products like the iPhone and iMac, it hasn’t made a completely new technology since 2015’s Apple Watch. Apple’s AR would be the first new product in seven years that audiences have been eagerly waiting for. The upcoming headset combines augmented and virtual reality to create an authentic landscape for the user to enjoy. With such promising hype surrounding the Apple headset, it’s no wonder audiences want its release as soon as possible.

Though the Apple AR is another VR headset on the market, the mighty tech company might have some unique intentions for the product and its future. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple is trying to convert iPhone users into VR headset owners over the next ten years. The idea that VR headpieces could replace smartphones seems ultimately unlikely, but technology has changed substantially over the last decade to make a dream like this potentially plausible. Since the upcoming device won’t need to be tethered to an existing iPhone or computer, the limitless possibilities of the headset could mean utilizing it in everyday circumstances. The headset will reportedly consist of similar, comprehensive apps available on the iPhone, transporting everything you need from the smartphone to your portable headpiece.

The Apple AR, which almost resembles a chic, metallic sleep mask, will be equipped with Apple’s state-of-the-art M1 chip. The M1 chip is the tech company’s first ARM-based system specifically manufactured for Apple products. The headset will come equipped with Sony’s 4K Micro OLED displays for highly vivid imagery and landscapes. The hardware will consist of two distinct processors to support its complex functionality. The central processor embedded in the device will be similar to the M1 chip, while the secondary processor will manage the different sensors in the headset.

If the Apple AR doesn’t hit stores by 2022, the latest it’ll be introduced to the market is 2023. But apparently, there have been some internal disagreements at Apple about the VR headset, corresponding gaming consoles, and other AR accessories. Last year, a report by Bloomberg stated that a split-strategy release could occur for the Apple AR products, which would mean the headset would be released first, and the gaming equipment would follow at a later date.

Apple’s upcoming product will definitely excite technology enthusiasts worldwide. Though it hasn’t been confirmed that the VR headset will ultimately take over cellphones entirely, the new tech will surely change the game for the world of modern inventions.