Apple Facing Lawsuit For Selling Incomplete Products

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for selling its iPhone 14s without including any charging cables in the packaging.

By Trista Sobeck | Published


Ever buy something brand new that you were incredibly excited about just to open it up and find out it was missing a main part or it just didn’t work? Well, this is happening to Apple users across the globe and hell hath no fury like an Apple user scorned. Now there is an Apple lawsuit that has become a class action lawsuit across the country. In addition, this happened in Brazil earlier this year. And now, the issue has begun to bother those who have purchased the newest iPhone in the United States. 

According to Top Class Actions, a website that is dedicated to finding and learning more about class action lawsuits, a woman named Elizabeth Steins, bought a new iPhone only to learn that it did not come with a charging (lighting) cord. Kinda weird since you have to have the iPhone cord for the phone to work. That’s what many customers thought when they found they could not work their brand-new iPhone thanks to it not coming with a cord. And that is how the Apple class action lawsuit came to be. At least the latest one.  

Steins and her lawyer are saying that Apple is misleading consumers by not including the charger. Apple and its lawyers are saying that the company is helping to save the environment by ditching the cord and users can and should continue to use their old iPhone chargers. Lawyers and their consumer clients say it’s time for a good ‘ol Apple lawsuit. 

Um, what if this iPhone is your first iPhone? Great question. Apple just believes everyone on the planet has purchased an iPhone in the very recent past and still has access to it. Even harder to believe, Apple believes that the Apple iPhone chargers are still in perfect shape and have not broken or bent exposing all the wires inside. Because that doesn’t happen. 

The Apple lawsuit was filed in an Illinois courtroom in federal court. Apple is fighting back saying that it does disclose that the iPhone does not come with a charger in teeny tiny font on the back of the box. Duh! How could you not see that? It’s right there in 3.5-point font. At any rate, Steins and her team are saying that without the charger, it is not adequate for intended use which is to function as a phone or a mini-computer. Without a charger, it has no energy to operate

As TikTok videos pop up explaining the Apple lawsuit situation and how to apply for compensation, Apple is still in hot water in many other countries throughout the world. It’s not being held accountable in the US. Apple has also been in trouble for how it pays its taxes and for a copyright dispute. Sure sounds like the juicy red Apple has been poisoned. 

This newest Apple lawsuit claims that when folks do not have a charger and must buy one, they are shelling out even more money. Of course, you must purchase an Apple charger as the company claims that if you use a third-party one, you can endanger your product. Interestingly, the cost of the iPhone increased, yet you get less of a product. This issue comes on the heels of the US Department of Homeland Security telling Apple users to update their phones ASAP or they’ll be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Both issues are a bit alarming. And if you have an Apple iPhone, consider yourself lucky if you have a charger and your social security number was not used fraudulently. You, my friend, are a winner.