Amazon Driver Dies On The Job Under Unthinkable Circumstances

An Amazon driver was found deceased from an alleged dog attack.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

 Another Amazon employee has died while on the job. This time, the death does not come as a result of factory conditions. The Amazon driver death is seemingly a result of a vicious dog attack. 

Amazon employees have died in the past due to various circumstances. Some Amazon employees have died as a result of pure exhaustion from the working conditions they were facing, on another occasion Amazon driver deaths were a result of the drivers seeking shelter from a tornado. This time, there is a much different case. 

Although the official cause of death has not been released, it is believed that an Amazon driver death was a result of a canine attack. Police have stated that the body displayed marks that were consistent with canine bites. This is a devastating and terrible incident and is unfortunately one of the dangers of being a delivery driver. 

Being a delivery driver for Amazon comes with many dangers. Drivers have reported being held at gunpoint and threatened by customers. Although this amazon driver death is the first death to result from a dog attack, it is not the first dog attack that has taken place.

The Amazon driver death was discovered after police responded to a phone call that reported an idle Amazon truck. Officers were dispatched and arrived at the scene around 7:30 pm, about half an hour after the call came in. When the officer arrived on the scene, the first thing he notices was an Amazon van, with the windows down and the engine still running. 

Upon further investigation, the deputies noticed a man laying on the ground. The man was inside a fenced-in yard. Officers then made entry into the yard to check on the unresponsive male that was laying within the fence of the yard.

Once the officers entered the yard, they were approached by two dogs, a mastiff, and a German shepherd. Both dogs were displaying signs of aggression and began to charge the officers. These dogs are now believed to be the two that were responsible for the attack and the Amazon driver death. 

amazon driver death

Both dogs were shot and killed on the scene, the same scene in which the Amazon driver death is believed to have occurred. The driver was reported deceased at the scene and the case was turned over for a death investigation and a coroner was contacted to begin an autopsy on the body. Officially, the cause of death has not been released but the body showed clear signs that were consistent with canine bites. 

The two dogs that were thought to be responsible for the amazon driver death are currently undergoing necropsy. This process will determine if the two canines have human flesh inside their mouths and stomachs. Once both the necropsy and autopsy are complete, police from the Ray County Police Department in Mississippi will be able to release the official cause of death and official reports. 

An Amazon spokesperson has responded to the Amazon driver death. The spokesperson mentioned that Amazon will be providing support to the drivers’ loved ones during this time. Additionally, they are working to assist law enforcement in any way they can with the current investigation taking place.