Why Shoppers Despise Target’s New Store Design

Target has remodeled all its stores to feature more open-concept areas and shop-within-a-shop experiences such as Ultra Beauty, however, customers are not happy with the changes.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Updated

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Target is at it again. The beloved retailer has rolled out its latest in a long line of remodeling schemes. Only this time, news of the new floorplan is getting major pushback from the company’s most loyal fans.

In 2017, Target announced its plan for this current iteration of store layout. But it took a while to manifest. It finally completed 1,000 remodels in June and plans to have an additional 200 stores finished by the end of the year.

According to Newsweek, the company wanted to “bring an ‘elevated’ in-person shopping experience to customers.” The degree of change varies greatly depending on whether each location will undergo a full or partial remodel. However, all will get enhanced drive-up and order-pickup services.

Target chose to revamp the shopping experience with full-store remodels. It added “shop-in-shop” areas, such as Apple and Ulta Beauty stores. Additionally, fully remodeled stores are getting new “representative” and “welcoming” signage and special lighting. 

The effect is an open floorplan that feels much more like a department store than a Target. The company is moving away from a linear layout. Instead, they hope to entertain shoppers with open floor plans and shop-in-shop areas. 

According to Leslie Gail, a TikToker and professional organizer, the goal is obviously to bring in more money. And based on the data she has seen, it is working. So far this year, consumer spending has increased by roughly two to four percent.

But Gail is not sure how that is possible. She told Newsweek, “I’m wildly curious how the revamp of Target is going to make us spend more money there…” She likened the new layout to a mini-mall, or boutique, shopping experience. 

After her local Target underwent the new remodel, Gail shot a TikTok video to show off the design. She had previously produced a series of TikTok videos at Target, so she spent a lot of time in the store. As the remodel went on, that proved to be nearly impossible.

Gail couldn’t find what she needed and ultimately stopped filming there. But, her video covering the remodel continues to have an impact. That TikTok got over 700,000 views and 2,300 (mostly negative) comments. 

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But the remodel news is not going over well with the general public. Approximately 95 percent of people commenting on Gail’s video have nothing good to say. They are even going so far as to use the word “hate.”

Some feedback she has gotten includes comments like “the magic of Target is gone.” And, “I’ve been noticing and complaining for a while that shopping at target feels stressful now. Hard to find what I need, looks disorganized…” One commenter observed, “It’s so interesting bc I’m sure they poured money into research yet everyone I know hates it and actually spends less time in the store now.”

Target is also getting negative feedback on Twitter, with those users echoing the sentiments expressed in Gail’s comment section. So, while Target may see a temporary bump in sales, the negative feelings of its customers may mean bad news for the retailer. Hopefully, they listen before going too deep down the remodeling rabbit hole.