White Claw Hard Seltzer Now Makes Hard Liquor

White Claw has just released a premium vodka line and a new vodka-based ready-made canned cocktail.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

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White Claw made its debut in 2016 in the seltzer world and has built a hardcore following. Now, the company has entered a new market: hard liquor. The brand has just launched a line of branded premium vodka, including unflavored and flavored vodka.

Customers can purchase the newly released White Claw Premium Vodka in flavors of mango, black cherry, pineapple, and a regular unflavored version. Additionally, the company has launched a ready-to-drink vodka cocktail line called White Claw Vodka Sodas. These ready-made cocktails come in four flavor varieties: watermelon, wild cherry, pineapple, and peach.

White Claw Vodka Soda is made with the brand’s new vodka and has just 100 calories per can. When the brand originally launched, it came in with a heavy hand. They changed the seltzer game forever with their highly sought-after product, and customers have even more to look forward to with the most recent release.

The company claims its new vodka is unlike any other on the market. Over the past ten years, the company has developed a unique way to produce vodka. Those who sample the alcohol should expect a smell and taste unlike any other vodka available.

The filtration process that White Claw Vodka goes through is completely unique as it was invented by the company. The first filtration step starts with a charred coconut shell. After the first filtration step, the vodka goes through three additional filtration steps.

The vodka is made from 100% American grain, distilled a total of five times, and Triple Wave filtered. Additionally, the alcohol is gluten-free. The pressure process through which the vodka is produced is comparable to 30-foot waves.

The development team spent lots of time researching to ensure a drink that delivered a uniquely simple yet complex experiences to all the senses. This unique process is one of the most complex filtration processes that any vodka goes through. The results are a drink that is unlike any other available.

This expansion comes at a time when the seltzer industry has reached somewhat of a cap. White Claw is not the only brand expanding into the hard liquor market. Many other brands are shifting focus away from hard seltzer to liquor as projections highlight a greater demand for spirit-based products.

As research shows a customer shift away from seltzer and more towards spirits, it makes complete sense for the company to expand now. The expansion was perfectly timed. The market is ready for a product like the White Claw Vodka and the ready-made vodka drinks from the brand.

White Claw has been a force to be reckoned with since it first came out. The vodka line is likely to follow in the successful footsteps of the other brand products that came before. If the vodka is as unique as the company claims, drinkers are in for a treat.

The vodka bottles are available in three different sizes, including 50ml, 750ml, and one liter. Customers can purchase the new products in select areas across North America. According to the White Claw website, the best way to enjoy their new vodka is over ice, with a splash of side, while enjoying the sunset.