Walmart Removed A Rapping Cocaine Cactus Toy From Its Shelves

By Charlene Badasie | 2 months ago

cocaine cactus

Finding the perfect gift for loved ones can be a difficult task, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. What could convey the holiday spirit while also giving a nod to the depressive state we’re all surviving? Well, Walmart has the answer – a dancing cactus that cheerfully sings about cocaine, depression, and severe loneliness. While it may sound like the perfect gag gift for a friend, the product is actually being marketed as a kid’s toy.

As reported by CTV News in Canada, the shocking song was originally discovered by Ania Tanner – a grandmother who bought the cocaine cactus toy for her 15-month-old grandchild. But when she heard the lyrics, in her native Polish, she realized the toy was certainly not meant for young children. “This toy uses swear words and talks about cocaine use,” she told the news site. “This is not what I ordered for my granddaughter.”

Marketed as an educational toy, designed to teach little one’s different languages, the cocaine cactus sings songs in English, Polish, and Spanish. Once more people realized that the Polish song it was programmed with is actually about cocaine, Walmart promptly pulled the item from its online store. In July, the toy was also spotted being sold via Amazon in Europe where families voiced their concerns about the cactus not being suitable for children.

cocaine cactus

In the online reviews for the singing cocaine cactus, one Amazon customer wrote, “It should be stated clearly in the description that there are three songs. One is an instrumental. One is Spanish. And the other is a Polish song about cocaine.” The person added that they were sending the toy back. “Who the hell advertises as a toy for children that plays songs about cocaine?!?!?” asked another irate Amazon user. At present, the “kids toy” is still available to Amazon’s United States Patrons.

According to the New York Post, the now infamous song was written by Polish Rapper Cypis, who was unaware that his song was used by the manufacturer of the supposedly toddler-friendly cactus toy. The song is called Where Is The White Eel, and discusses adult themes like heavy cocaine use, depression, and severe loneliness. “The only thing in my head/is five grams of cocaine, fly away alone/to the edge of oblivion,” reads the first three lines of the song, according to a lyric translating site. The Polish singer plans to pursue legal action against the toy company for blatant copyright infringement. A Twitter user posted a video of the cocaine cactus singing the rapper’s song. Take a look below.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Walmart responded to the uproar about the cocaine cactus in a statement to CVT News. “These items are sold by a third-party seller on our marketplace website. We are removing the items while we look into this complaint further.”

The news comes as a relief to Ania Tanner who made her complaint about the cocaine cactus public to help others. Tanner said she didn’t want anybody buying the cocaine singing cactus, thinking it would be the perfect Christmas gift for their children – because that’s exactly what happened to her. Unfortunately, some folks may have already purchased the dancing toy. And if they don’t speak Polish, they won’t know what the song is about. Now, that’s a holiday surprise no one wants to get.