How Walmart Plans To Make Shopping Easier For Some Customers

Walmart has multiple projects in the works that aim to streamline and make the shopping experience a more enjoyable one for customers.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Known for its aisles of low-priced products, Walmart is also famous for its easy shopping experience and convenient locations. Even folks who are not loyal customers probably know where to find their local chain. Now, the Arkansas-headquartered retailer is implementing more changes that will make visiting their stores even more pleasurable. In June, the company reinforced its commitment to omnichannel optical care by adding augmented reality features to its app and even redesigned stores.

The retail giant also announced that it will allow shoppers to bundle their Walmart+ membership with its popular InHome Delivery Service, which brings groceries directly to their fridge. Before the change, folks had to have two subscriptions to use the service. But now they are both available under the Walmart+ umbrella for just $138 a year. That’s a $10 discount from the previous pricing model for separate memberships. While this perk is super convenient for dedicated shoppers, the most recent change makes things even simpler.

The popular retailer is working to improve access for people who shop online by expanding its Spanish search capabilities. The new search translation feature, which was introduced on the company’s website and app, lets customers search for products in Spanish. The solution, built by Walmart Global Tech associates, uses natural language processing (NLP) to detect language, discern nuances and translate queries to deliver a seamless, intuitive experience for customers, the press release said. The site currently translates more than 600,000 of the most frequently searched items, and the chain is adding more every day.

For example, if someone searches for a “Naranja” (which is the Spanish word for Orange) the Walmart site will pull up different varieties of Oranges, like clementines, mandarin oranges, and more. But starting very soon, people will have the choice of opting in or out of the translation feature. Below the search bar, there is a Spanish message letting customers know that they can opt-out of the translated query with one click. After opting out, shoppers will then see products that have the word “Naranja” in their description, BestLife says. This year the company plans to optimize the Spanish experience further by launching a predictive search section.

Most recently, Walmart signed a definitive agreement with high-tech advanced mobility company Canoo, to purchase 4,500 electric delivery vehicles. The deal begins with the Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle with the option to purchase up to 10,000 units, the press release states. The new EVs will be used to deliver online orders in a sustainable way which will also contribute to Walmart’s goal to achieve zero emissions by 2040. The LDV is expected to hit the road in 2023, but the companies plan to kick off advanced deliveries to refine and finalize vehicle configuration in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in the coming weeks. Walmart’s new Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles are engineered for high-frequency stop-and-go deliveries. Its customized interior is also designed for small package delivery. Speaking about the partnership, Chairman and CEO of Canoo Tony Aquila said his company is proud to have been selected by Walmart to provide high-tech, all-electric, American-made vehicles to their impressive logistics capabilities.