Viking Valhalla Pool Cue Review

By Asad | 9 months ago

Have you been playing pool for quite some time now and feel like its time to make an investment? Yes, it is the right time if you are into the intermediate player zone. That would be someone who just stepped in from beginner to someone who can pot quite a few in one break. This effort for the Viking Valhalla pool cue review is done specially for those who are in the transition phase.

It can be a tricky thing when you read around to invest in the best pool cue such as Predator Revo but that means to pay a hefty price of over 600 dollars for a carbon fiber shaft. Yes, your game would be stepped up but take a break from those thoughts, you need to still improve the foundation of your game. Viking’s Valhalla has the potential to help you leave the beginner zone permanently.

The transition phase is very tricky and often players lose their confidence and quickly fall back into the beginner zone. A good affordable pool cue can help you build on the good techniques you have learned during the starting phase. Valhalla with its flexible features will give you confidence in your game at a very good value for money.

viking valhalla pool cue review in detail

What I like about Viking Valhalla 

My whole perspective of seeing Valhalla is from the price, features, and from a player who feels its time to invest in a new pool cue under 100 dollars price range. So let’s dig into those good parts before we become more critical.

Variable Weight

This is quite an important part mostly overlooked by beginners. If you have been playing with the club cues, the feeling of confidence when you pick up certain cues is not deniable. What makes you feel better is the weight of the cue.

Some people prefer lighter, while others prefer weights that are more on the heavier side. I personally like the ones which are right in the middle mainly because I hit the sweet spot. A moderate weight pool cue will give you the control over your action and also transfer more force onto the cue ball.

This is how you should think about the game as an entry intermediate player. You are still working on your technique and have some achievements to gain. A cue with variable weight can help you find what works for you. The money you spent on this cue is actually an investment in yourself. This pool cue will help you find out what weight works for you.

If you are confused about the weight then get a 19oz. This is a manageable weight for most of the pool players. A heavier weight can make the pool stick move firmly on the bridge but if your muscles are not strong then you can sway while following through. Similarly, a lighter weight cue can actually sway on the bridge and can be a nightmare during the follow-through. Keep things simple and take on the 19oz Viking’s Valhalla.

Leather Tip

It comes with a good leather tip that is pre-scuffed and well rounded. That is a good positive for me because it cuts down on the cost of buying the tip shaper separately. As for the hardness, I would suggest you not to concentrate too much on that. Apart from the sound hardness of the tip has no major effect on the tip touches the cue ball.

The science behind the ineffectiveness of the tip hardness is that the time of impact is so less that tip compression or elasticity can not express itself. The meaning is that as soon as the tip hits the cue ball, the rolling or the forward momentum of the cue ball is already in action. So from an intermediate player’s perspective, I want you to feel the freedom of mind while stroking with this tip.

Yes, the shape of the tip does matter, and that is why I like that the ship a tip that is already well rounded. Shaping a pool cue tip is an art and takes some time to master it. A pool cue tip shape if done incorrectly it can change the intended point of contact with the cue ball. As a result, in most cases, you will transfer unwanted angular momentum onto the cue ball.

Just maintain the shape of the tip if you plan on getting this pool stick.

Good Tip Diameter

Valhalla has a tip size of 13mm which is pretty good for intermediate players. I have seen an intermediate player with even 14mm tips who can play much better than the few of the so-called sneaky petes in the club.

Imagining myself as an intermediate player I like the 13mm tip because it is more forgiving than the smaller sub 13mm tips. Bigger the tip size the more is the probability that you will hit the intended point of contact on the cue ball. Smaller tip size means that you can change the course of the pool cue during the follow-through. Hence, the tip won’t hit where you wanted it to be because of its smaller size.

As a transitioner do not put the burden of a smaller tip yet on yourself. 13mm is just the right size. Choosing a much smaller tip will make you err more and you will fall back into the beginner phase as I already mentioned earlier.

Good Value for Money

Good quality 2 piece pool stick with an Irish grip for players with sweaty hands. Variable weight, maple wood construction finished with urethane to save from moisture absorption. They have put in a lot focus on making this stick free from warpage that is why they are giving a  lifetime warranty against wrappage.

Competitors in the same price range as McDermott Classic Pool Cue and TaiBA 2-Piece Pool Stick are offering cases, tip shaper, etc just to compensate for the lack of quality by accessories enticement. But think it by yourself, if your stick does not last than what is the use of the case or the tip shaper. The accessories will be of the same low quality as the pool cue itself.

If you are into colors then you can definitely find your favorite because this stick is available in almost all choices. Playing with a stick that looks good instills additional confidence in the game.

viking valhalla pool cue review in detail

What I do not Like about Valhalla’s Viking

There is plenty of good things about this pool stick but there are few things that you should definitely keep in your mind.

Chinese Production

Let’s get it straight, it is not an American but rather comes from a massive Chinese production. The quality is strictly maintained because the Chinese produce the quality of what they are asked to. If the same quality stick was produced in the US than it could cost more than the Lucasi custom sneaky Pete.

American cues are certainly better in the long run but for someone on the budget who is still engraving the muscle memory, I still think that the bargain is worth it.

In The End

This entire post for Viking Valhalla pool cue review is dedicated for intermediate players. Get this if you are on a budget. I would say spend some extra money and get the compatible case so you can lengthen the life of this cue. If you want the additional items then go for the Taiba. Whatever pool cue you choose to stick with it for a while and experience the transition from a cheap house pool cue to a better one. You will love how your game will be lifted in a matter of weeks.