Victoria’s Secret Partners With Amazon In Surprising Joint Venture

Victoria's Secret is leveraging Amazon to bring it's business back from the brink.

By Joseph Farago | Published

Victoria’s Secret has taken a backseat in marketing campaigns over the pandemic years. But with a recent partnership with Amazon, a surprising twist has the undergarments company back into the media forefront. Vicotria’s Secret adds 120 products to the Amazon store, initiating its first partnership with a major retailer.

More than 100 different Victoria’s Secret beauty products are now available on the Amazon store. There will be a specific section on Victoria’s Secret logo on the website. In this area of the online store, you’ll be able to find lotions, perfumes, body scrubs, and soaps by the iconic lingerie brand. As of now, the storefront will only have select beauty and skincare products but may expand as user interest increases.

Greg Unis, CEO of Victoria’s Secret’s beauty business, stated that these 120 products would be the initial products on the Amazon store. He indicated that other products might be added in time, but when that would occur is unknown. Unis also added that the company plans to incorporate women’s wear on the storefront at some point, including bras, loungewear, and underwear. Though the beauty business CEO indicated that product expansion is on the horizon, there are no definite plans that show Victoria’s Secret will follow through with including its garments on the Amazon site.

Victoria’s Secret is not alone in creating partnerships with influential retailers. Recently, brands have partnered with gigantic department stores like Nordstrom’s or Target to distribute their clothing and products. Many brands are grappling with a tough market these days, from inflated prices to supply chain disturbances. More businesses institute significant brand partnerships to further their profits as interest rates go up. Victoria’s Secret is no different; after hitting a tumultuous patch with the cancellation of its past few fashion shows, the lingerie company is seeking out more sustainable income for its economic future.

As millions of people flocked to the Amazon store during the quarantine days, it’s no wonder more retailers want their products advertised on the tech corporation’s retail site. Unis and other Victoria’s Secret executives noticed that people were already searching for their products on the Amazon store, leading to the decision to partner with the company. Victoria’s Secret saw an avenue for its merchandise and decided to embark on this new adventure for the Amazon web store.

Though many are disappointed with Victoria’s Secret’s exclusion of their popular lingerie products, starting off with skincare items was a pragmatic decision for the company. Unis stated that the beauty and skincare section has tons of traffic, which logically led to Victoria’s Secret beauty products being the initial Amazon offer. Executives also said that since stocking clothing of different sizes can be an issue, first having singular products is a less costly and risky venture.

Beauty products are an essential part of Victoria’s Secret’s revenue. In 2021, $900 million made by the company was attributed to its beauty and skincare items. This figure is 15% of Victoria’s Secret’s overall revenue in North America, a substantial fraction of its yearly sales. 40% of beauty products sales were made online, another deciding factor for including them on Amazon first.