The Disturbing Info Former Twitter Employees Are Revealing About The Company’s Mass Layoffs

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

twitter layoffs

Twitter layoffs continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Ex-twitter employees are speaking up, taking legal action, and calling out the new Twitter owner, Elon Musk, for his poor business practices. Elon Musk was attempting to cut company costs, but he may soon have to pay up in the form of legal fees. 

Before the infamous and dramatic takeover of the social media platform Twitter, the company employed around 7,500 people. In an effort to cut costs, Elon Musk began a mass Twitter layoff. More than half of the people who worked at the company are no longer employed there. 

The Twitter layoff was abrupt, and employees had little to no notice at all. In some instances, employees settled into their desks to begin work only to find out that the laptops had been wiped clean and they could no longer log in. Musk, at one point, announced that layoffs were over, only to turn around and fire more people. 

Under the law, when a company undergoes mass layoffs, just like the multiple Twitter layoffs that have taken place, a company must give a minimum of a 60-day notice to employees. That did not happen, and employees have filed class action lawsuits against Twitter as a result. Twitter could be up to its neck in legal troubles from the way. 

Some of the people who were affected by the Twitter layoffs are speaking up publicly about the situation. Elon Musk is rumored to have pushed an extreme work culture that forced work-from-home employees to come into the office and for employees to meet harsh deadlines. Some of the employees who worked from home were disabled or facing medical conditions that required them to work from home. 

Unable to adhere to the extreme demands with no regard for their physical condition, employees were axed. This treatment is unethical. Elon Musk has shown no compassion or consideration for anyone but himself throughout the process of taking over Twitter and the Twitter layoffs that followed. 

The twitter layoffs also seem to have had a significant impact on female employees. Females were fired at a higher percentage compared to their male counterparts. The latest lawsuit filed against Twitter regarding the seemingly illegal Twitter layoff is challenging gender bias. 

Ex-employees are coming together to challenge the legality of the Twitter layoffs. There is power in numbers, and with so many people affected by the dismissal, the lawsuits could make a huge difference and send a loud message. Four recent lawsuits have been filed. 

Some employees have even voiced why they are taking legal action against the Twitter layoffs. Unlike Elon Musk, who has no compassion for others, employees have banned together to file suit as a way to stick up for their former coworkers. One former employee has said that she knows the situations her former coworkers are in, and she wants them to get what they deserve.

People affected by the twitter layoffs have families to provide for. Some are at the beginning of their career, and others are now facing visa issues. Former employees are not going to stand by and take this lying down.