Why TikTok Is Ruining Food At Six Flags

Learn how TikTok completely ruined one food experience at Six Flags.

By Joseph Farago | Published

tiktok logo six flags

The internet is a never-ending resource for information. With many social media, widely circulating images and news are a great way to get your ideas heard. Now that TikTok is a household name, the video app has played a big part in bringing stories to the general public. One of the most crucial aspects of TikTok’s content is hacking tutorials. These tutorials show you how to get the most bang for your buck, whether going grocery shopping or taking a trip to an amusement park. A viral video about a Six Flags meal plan has taken over the app, which could be ruining the deal-saving venture for the rest of us.

Recently, Six Flags announced that its unlimited meal plan would no longer be available to purchase. The announcement came with a Six Flags spokesperson stating how the meal plan was “highly unprofitable” for the amusement park franchise. But, this meal plan was offered for many years with no issues, so what changed? A couple of viral food-hack videos focused on the unlimited meal add-on have galvanized other people to misuse the plan, which ultimately led Six Flags to cancel it.

The unlimited meal plan at Six Flags has been a sensation on TikTok for a little while now. Many TikTok personalities have made videos gloating about the unlimited plan and how a person could potentially save thousands of dollars by only eating at Six Flags. This has caused massive traffic for the amusement park’s restaurants and food stalls, with people entering the park solely to eat. Six Flags’ recent statement about its removal of the unlimited meal plan included a section about how the overcrowding was ruining other visitors’ experiences.

Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul was very unhappy about the viral TikTok videos, stating his dissatisfaction with the massive amount of money-savers taking advantage of the meal plan. Bassoul said these people were ruining the experience for those entering the park on a “single-day ticket,” who were being subjected to large crowds choking up the food-stall lines. The amusement park might reintroduce a meal plan in the future, but the company is now trying to regain profits that were disturbed by the free-meal attendees.

You have one TikToker to thank for starting this viral craze. Known on the internet as Dylan, this 33-year-old engineer decided in 2021 that he’d purchase a year-long pass to Six Flags so he could eat for free. Alongside the pass, he was able to add on an unlimited meal plan which included lunch, dinner, and a snack every day. For a whole year, he could sustain himself for only $170. Once his journey started gaining traction, other people began documenting their experiences. Unfortunately for others who had already been enjoying this luxury without advertising the hack, Dylan and other TikTokers ruined the money-saving tip for everyone.

In such a precarious economic state, it’s no wonder people are seeking out convoluted hacks to pay for their essentials. When Six Flags introduced this unlimited meal plan, the company had no idea it would be misused to this degree. Since the food hack went viral, Six Flags is highly reluctant to reintroduce the meal plan with its season passes until the press dies down.