There Is Now A Longevity Pill That Can Extend A Being’s Life

Silicon Valley-based startup Loyal is developing a longevity bill that can extend the lifespan of dogs by delaying the aging process.

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

Longevity pill

One of the biggest heartbreaks in anyone’s life is when their dear pet passes away. Whether tragically or through old age, it’s a tough pill to swallow. But, what if we could push aging a little bit further out and give our beloved doggies a longevity pill to live longer? Sign. Us. Up. In a world where we treat our four-legged family members to high-end dog food and yummy treats, it’s no surprise that we love our fur babies like human babies. 

According to Wired, it may not be long until we actually see a longevity pill designed just for our pets. Celine Halioua, a 27 -year-old wunderkind who studied biology, philosophy, neuroscience, and nanobiotechnology, and yeah, there’s more. She started out in art. But right before she entered her undergrad, she became fascinated with MRIs. So she ended up pursuing biology. And she founded a biotech startup called Loyal. 

Loyal’s main goal is to develop a longevity pill to extend the lives of pet dogs. The pill could be used for other creatures and, eventually, people. Because Halioua grew up around all kinds of pets and because running a trial for canines is much cheaper than trials for humans, she set off to change the canine world.

Loyal is a biotech start-up rooted in Silicon Valley, California. Sounds typical, right? What isn’t typical is the amount of money Halioua raised in a short amount of time to get her company through the various phases it must pass prior to marketing her longevity pill. 

Check out this in-depth and entertaining interview with John Stewart (of Daily Show fame) and Celine Halioua. John asks all the questions we all have burning inside of us. How can one be a talented artist and a scientist at the same time? Who are you? Are you an alien from an advanced world? Well, those were my questions. Check out the interview here or below.

Halioua raised $58 million and currently has two drugs in development. Yes, two. Her goal is to see a label that says, “proven to stall the aging process by a couple of years.” It’s just not fair that dogs age so much quicker than us and even experience diseases caused by aging, like dementia. And the heartbreak that pet death causes, at any age, is traumatic. Why not see if we can intervene with a longevity pill? And … maybe cash in as a CEO (no judgment).  

Because the ultimate goal has always been to extend human life with a longevity pill or by any means necessary. We’ve dreamed about it since the dawn of time. We’ve fantasized about it since The Fountain of Youth was found in present-day Florida. (Spoiler, it really wasn’t a foundation of youth, just water with 51 natural minerals in it not scientifically proven to extend life.) 

A longevity pill is the least we can give our sweet fur babies. They do so much for mankind. From detecting Covid and some forms of cancer to leading those who need help navigating in a dark room, to even saving us from certain death in emergent situations, dogs deserve it all.