The Amazing Journey One Dog Made To Get Home To His Family

After getting separated from his owners, one-year-old Australian Shepherd took the epic 150-mile journey across the Bering Sea, sustaining bites from a polar bear, to eventually find his way back home.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

Journey dog

If you’ve ever seen the movie Homeward Bound you know that animals have a storied history of finding their way back to their families, no matter how harrowing the journey. And the story of Snowy is no different. In 2019, Snowy the Alaskan Malamute showed his determination to reunite with his family by traveling for days through Bering Sea ice and surviving a dangerous river crossing to find his way back. Recently, another dog took the same trip and also made emotional headlines.

According to AP News, a one-year old Australian Shepherd took the epic 150 mile journey across the Bering Sea to another town in Alaska. Nanuq left the town his family was visiting, along with another dog, Starlight. Starlight returned, and Nanuq did not. He was found in Wales, which is quite a trip from where he was. 

After stories of Nanuq started being shared on social media, his mom flew to the city and retrieved him. It is amazing to see how determined and dedicated these animals are. They are able to overcome obstacles, travel great distances, and find their way back home. It’s a testament to their loyalty and ability to persevere in the most trying of circumstances.

Nanuq’s story only adds to the tales of remarkable canine journeys. In 2018, a dog named Billie Jean traveled over 800 miles from Arkansas to Wisconsin to find his way back home. That was another unbelievable journey.

Most of us will never know the courage and strength it takes for our furry friends to make such amazing trips, but it is truly inspiring that they are able to do so. It’s a miracle that he survived such harsh conditions on his own. 

Nanuq did have what appeared to be a bite from a polar bear or a seal. Although the injury is a bit severe, the dog seemed unfazed from his journey. Nanuq’s story is also a reminder that no matter how difficult the situation may seem, there is always hope.

Why do animals risk their lives to travel either back to their previous home or to a current one? What is the instinct that drives them to take such a journey? Scientists have not been able to pinpoint a definitive answer, but one hypothesis is that animals are driven by the sense of familiarity. 

They may recognize certain scents or sounds that act as triggers in their brains and lead them back home. In addition, animals may also be guided by a type of internal compass that helps them stay on track during their journey. It serves to remind us that even when surrounded by danger, animals can find ways to survive and make it home safe and sound.

Nanuq’s story has since garnered attention from around the world. It is a clear testament to the strength and resilience of animals that are determined to survive any obstacle in their path. Nanuq’s owner believes that the ice may have shifted when he was running around hunting and he got off his path. He was then forced to continue on his journey. Nonetheless, he made the long journey home.