Why The New Tesla Semi-Truck Is A Big Deal

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

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Tesla’s semi-truck could play a vital part in fighting climate change and global warming. The Tesla semi-truck does not directly emit greenhouse-causing gas and, with a software control system, offers safety advantages. The advantages of driving a Tesla semi do not stop at just the safety control system, either.

The future of trucking is the Tesla semi-truck. The fully electric, beast of an 18-wheeler was first announced in 2017 and, after some delays, is ready and set to hit the roads. The Tesla semi-truck offers many advantages while driving on the road in regard to safety, as well as other categories.

The Tesla semi-truck offers a driving range of up to 500 miles for a single charge. The Tesla semi recently completed a trip that totaled 500 miles with a total weight of 81,000 pounds. A remarkable achievement for a fully electric vehicle.

While charging is limited due to charging station availability, the Tesla semi-truck itself offers fast charging. In about half an hour, the semi-truck will reach a range of 70% charged. With a fully electric semi-struck on the roads, this will help combat the 18% of greenhouse gas emissions from the trucking industry alone. 

Though infrastructure that supports charging in the United States is still limited, this will soon change, and development will get underway. For now, the Tesla semi-truck will only be able to drive within a limited geographic. One bonus, however, lies in the fact that as trucks are required to stop frequently, the semi-trucks will then be able to charge rapidly.

Compared to a standard semi-truck, the Tesla semi-truck is thought to offer greater safety advantages. Starting in the cabin of the fully electric vehicle, the seat is positioned in the center. The position of the seating allows the driver better visibility.

The Tesla semi features an electric motor drivetrain that is computer controlled and responds at a rapid rate. This system allows for better stability and traction control. Like all Tesla vehicles, the Tesla semi-truck comes with the same system that offers a load of standard safety features. 

 Some of the standard safety features that may be included in the Tesla semi-truck include automatic braking and steering, drowsy alert, and tightening of seatbelts. Tesla has designed this system with everyone on the road in mind. The goal is to make the roads safer for everyone. 

The Tesla semi-truck, like all-electric vehicles, conserves power by pumping power back into the battery of the vehicle when braking and slowing down. This will also prevent the brakes from overheating when traveling downhill. This feature adds to the overall safety of the vehicle. 

Tesla also boasts that the Tesla semi-truck will offer fuel savings of up to $200,000 in the first three years of ownership. Compared to traditional diesel fuel, electricity offers a price that is 2.5% less. This is massive and makes ownership even more enticing. 

Advantages to owning a Tesla semi-truck also include remote diagnostics and over-the-air software updates. This allows truck drivers to spend more time on the road and less time servicing their vehicles. The Tesla semi is the wave of the future for truck driving, and the future is now.