Tesla Recalling More Than 400,000 Cars

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

tesla recall

There is more trouble for Elon Musk as a Tesla recall is underway for over 435,00 of its cars in China. The latest move comes after a recall just last month in the United States. An issue with software has to do with the rear lights of the vehicle plus there is a seatbelt issue in the electric vehicles. 

Regulators have deemed the issues causing the Tesla recall unsafe and hazardous. Tesla has plans to update software that will fix the problems that involve rear lighting issues and seatbelt issues. As competition in the electric car market is revving up, this Tesla recall comes at a bad time. 

Tesla is facing serious competition in the market and has recently cut the prices of its vehicles. Though the issue can be fixed remotely by a simple software update, this Tesla recall is the second in just a short period of time for the company. Tesla has a lot of momentum, but now consumers are looking elsewhere for electric vehicle options. 

The past Tesla recall affects nearly 143,000 Model 3 sedans and about 293,000 Model Y vehicles. In the Tesla recall last week, 321,000 Teslas were affected by the same rear light issue. Additionally, 30,000 Model X electric vehicles were facing an issue regarding proper airbag deployment. 

These issues that have sparked Tesla recalls in several models the company produces make one wonder what exactly is going on. Proper airbag deployment, seatbelts, and rear lights are all basic and essential functions of vehicles, and if they can’t get that right, that is a serious problem. The model year affected by the Tesla recalls include some of the newest cars, from 2020 to even 2023 models. 

Tesla founder Elon Musk, maybe too worried about taking over Twitter to ensure that his cars are being made properly and to avoid Tesla recalls. If the fix for these major issues is as simple as a software update, they should be able to be avoided in the first place. Safety should be number one, and all the problems related to the string of Tesla recall are all related to safety.

The company became aware of the rear lighting issue in late October and soon launched an investigation to get to the bottom of it. The issue came down to false fault detections in the wake-up process of the car, but they failed to find out why the issue happened in the first place. Where in the manufacturing process of the vehicle did Tesla go wrong, at what is the source issue for all of these Tesla recalls?

Similar issues causing Tesla recalls are happening again and again, and instead of finding the true source, the company seems to be slapping a bandaid on the situation with a seemingly easy software update. Shares for Tesla are down, and competition is stiff. The company needs to consider the quality of craftsmanship it is putting into the production of its vehicles if it wants to remain at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry.