Taylormade Spider tour Red Review

I feel happy for all the lucky Golfers who have already had their hands on the amazing Taylormade putter. I also feel kind of envious right now because I don’t have one but not to worry we still have a lot of people reviewing it, and if you’re also planning to get it, let’s have The Taylormade Spider Tour Red Review.

taylormade spider tour red review

Key Features

Target Players

This putter is designed for everybody. World Number 1 (Justin Day) have used this on the tour. From beginners to pro everybody can use this putter. The back weight helps to add in more forgiveness for the off-center shots.


There are variants available with white sight line available to align the shots however, it can actually be distracting to some. Overall, the structure of the putter is quite simple. It has a long flat face with weight added in the back of the face to lower the center of gravity and add more stability to the shot.


It comes with a super stroke stock grip. It is thinner to likings of some of the players but that is of course customizable. You can get it changed to a more thicker grip.

Color Combination

The matter red contrasting with black and nickel shaft look like a perfect combination. When closing up on the ball, the red flat face matte finish helps to focus on the ball. The shaft appears quite shiny, if you are someone who doesn’t like the glares on a sunny day then you may need glasses to focus more on the shot. The back of the face is all red and the front is all black. When swinging back to hit a shot the color difference helps to keep the alignment right.


You’ll notice a remarkably loud ‘pop’ sound at the time of impact. It is louder compared to similar soft putter like Scotty Cameron Futura.


As soon as you swing back the putter the back of the face tilts up. Bringing the putter forward to the golf ball actually feels like hitting the ball at the bottom. For putting shot it adds backspin on to the ball but Taylormade has fixed this by their pure roll grooves. Just on the face, the grooves are filled with a special material at a specific angle helps to add topspin on the ball. If you are playing a putting shot on a bumpy green topspin is absolutely vital. A ball with topspin will go through the bumpy patch with ease while backspin ball will retract back.

So apparently you will feel that you are hitting the ball low but in reality, Pure Roll adds in more topspin on to the ball. You may think that the elevated angle may make the putter hit the ball off center. It is actually correct but the long face has added weight in the back helps to have a high moment of inertia and a lower center of gravity. This is a recipe for a more forgiving putter. Consider for yourself if there were these basic flaws in the putter why would world number 1 play and win tours with this putter in his gear.

The place where the shaft joins the head is actually just below the center of the face. If you align the ball center just above the point of junction then you will hit the ball right at the center. It will roll off with topspin with more angular momentum and get into the hole.

Let’s jump into its pros and cons to get to the other side of the perspective.

Pros: Spider tour red

  1. Stability

More weight in the head, pure roll grooves, and junction as visual sight to align the shot. You can play as stable shot with this stable putter.

  1. Look

The long flat face with a red and black combination gives it a real professional look. What is not visible in the look but stamped all over the putter is its use by the world professionals like Justin Day. It will give you the confidence of having the right equipment to top the game.

  1. Price

It is not a very expensive putter. Taylormade has been producing a lot of putters lately and tour red is not in the top league but still offers the benefits of a stable putter.

Cons: Spider Tour Red

Let’s talk a look at Cons of Taylormade Spider tour Red Review.

  1. Alignment

Although a variant has a white assistance line available, the flat head can actually make it difficult to see the flat face. Beginners can struggle to align the shot but if you keep in mind the tip I shared above to align the shot with the junction of shaft and head then you will not have this problem.

Taylormade has also launched the Juno Putter which is also one of the most bought putters. But what makes both of them different? Let’s compare and check if which one of them is better.

Taylormade Juno Putter (Features)

  1. The Juno Putter is comparatively more pricey than the Spider Tour Red
  2. The Juno Putter doesn’t offer quite as much forgiveness as one or two need, whereas the Spider Tour Red offers much more than that.
  3. The Juno Putter has better alignment than the Spider Tour Red
  4. The Spider Tour Red doesn’t have additional weights that can be inserted or removed as per the requirement of the player whereas, the Juno Putter has them.
  5. The Juno Putter has comparatively more shape ranges than the Spider Tour Red.
  6. The Super Stroke Pistol is a new addition in The Juno Putter and is not introduced in the Spider Tour red.

Go get a look on the Juno Putter Review yourself.

Conclusion: Taylormade Spider tour Red Review

The Taylormade Spider Tour Red is definitely the best option for mid-range players who desire for style and class both in one. Also, it is best for people who have a love for color. Its unique matte red color gives charm to the overall appearance. The choice is yours if you are a person who loves technology more than appearance you should try The Juno Putter of maybe some other putters as per your choice.



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