Taylormade Spider tour Red Review

I feel happy for all the lucky Golfers who have already had their hands on the amazing Taylormade putter. I also feel kind of envious right now because I don’t have one but not to worry we still have a lot of people reviewing it, and if you’re also planning to get it, let’s have The Taylormade Spider Tour Red Review.

taylormade spider tour red review

Key Features

Aimed At

This putter is for those who rely on high levels of stability and forgiveness over alignment assistance.


Extensive perimeter weighting adds stability on this putter while a removed sightline on the crown improves the player’s focus on the clubface. The Pure Roll insert combines 45° grooves with a softer polymer to increase topspin and aid a soft feel.


First things first, the Spider Tour catches the eye in its red lick of paint. the lack of alignment assistance may be a problem for some but I found the premium red finish highlighted the face angle prominently. The black shaft matches the classy look of the head nicely. One of the best aspects to the Spider Tour design is that its face (black) is a different color to the head (red) and this certainly helps with address position and being able to see the leading edge.


You’ll notice a remarkably loud ‘pop’ sound at effect given how soft this putter feels at impact but it doesn’t reduce from the overall appeal. The stock grip is quite thin; you may feel the need to switch it.


It is interesting how the shaft leans back when the sole is flat to the ground, forcing you to lift the back of the putter off the ground when you bring the shaft back to vertical.

It makes you feel like you hit down on the ball but it didn’t seem to affect performance and there’s a little bit of extra loft to lessen this feeling.

The Spider Tour putter luckily has a high moment of inertia (MOI) which means it has plenty of forgiveness behind it due to its resistance to twisting at impact and especially on off-center hits.

The cutaways down the side, however, create a nice framed middle slot to align the golf ball to the hole.

Let’s jump into its pros and cons to get to the other side of the perspective.

Pros: Spider tour red

  1. Stability

It has an exceptional stability combined with good roll properties which helps the ball to stay on line.

  1. Look

It has a premium, unique look with a solid, soft feel which gives a boost to the overall appearance of the putter.

  1. Price

It has cheaper rates than most of the Taylormade products or other putters. This is a huge plus point for mid-ranged golfers.

Cons: Spider Tour Red

Let’s talk a look at Cons of Taylormade Spider tour Red Review.

  1. Alignment

It lacks alignment assistance and the lie angle takes some getting used to, as the beginners can’t fully take advantage of that. This can drag the customers away from the product.

Taylormade has also launched the Juno Putter which is also one of the most bought putters. But what makes both of them different? Let’s compare and check if which one of them is better.

Taylormade Juno Putter (Features)

  1. The Juno Putter is comparatively more pricey than the Spider Tour Red
  2. The Juno Putter doesn’t offer quite as much forgiveness as one or two need, whereas the Spider Tour Red offers much more than that.
  3. The Juno Putter has better alignment than the Spider Tour Red
  4. The Spider Tour Red doesn’t have additional weights that can be inserted or removed as per the requirement of the player whereas, the Juno Putter has them.
  5. The Juno Putter has comparatively more shape ranges than the Spider Tour Red.
  6. The Super Stroke Pistol is a new addition in The Juno Putter and is not introduced in the Spider Tour red

Go get a look on the Juno Putter Review yourself

Conclusion: Taylormade Spider tour Red Review

The Taylormade Spider Tour Red is definitely the best option for mid-range players who desire for style and class both in one. Also, it is best for people who have a love for color. Its unique matte red color gives charm to the overall appearance. The choice is yours if you are a person who loves technology more than appearance you should try The Juno Putter of maybe some other putters as per your choice.



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