Is Nizzard A Scam? The Truth About Their Giveaways

By Asad | 6 months ago

If you have won a voucher at some Golf Charity event or similar event and that voucher that says you have won a wedge or hybrid, then it may be a scam. There is no such thing as free wedges and hybrids. Still, vouchers promising freebies from companies like Nizzard persist. So scam or not a scam? Here’s the evidence.

Nizzard’s Web Process Seems Like A Scam

Open the Nizzard website and on the landing page it says click on wedge or hybrid and claim your free club. Clicking on either of them will ask to enter coupon code. This is the only point where the scam makes it look as if it is the real deal. Don’t be fooled, that is not the case.

This is the only place on their website where you can enter any coupon code and no matter what code you enter, even an empty box, it will be accepted. After a text approval in the coupon box their website attempts to sell you three hybrids or wedges for $79.95. Select any of these options and the site asks if you right or left handed. In the next step it will ask your gender.

The Nizzard website then tries to exact more money by offering a graphite shaft for just ~$14.95. In the next step, the scam like information funnel tries you to trick you into buying their fictional wedges as well. Click on any of the offered products and you’ll see a check out page with a ~$30 shipping fee included. In a shipping fee scam, charging a high shipping fee like that is how a scammer would earn money. You’d pay the shipping fee, they’d collect it and then never send you anything.

It is a Sophisticated Scam

Although their website is extremely awful, the way Nizzard operates is quite sophisticated. They have been able to circulate their vouchers across the US. Doing the math, let’s say in a month they are able to distribute 1000 vouchers and only 5% of them convert. Even with only a shipping fee then a scam like this would have made them $1500.

Shipping fee scammers try to tempt buyers to get more money by offering unreasonably cheap wedges and hybrids along with their free offers. Then they send nothing and keep the shipping fee.

Nizzard is very active and many people search for them each month.Those people are probably all looking for answers, because they have received a voucher as well. Take a look at this search trend for Nizzard, it is clear that their giveaways are a hot topic.

nizzard scam or legit

The most stunning thing here is the fact that the alleged scammers have gone to the forums and tried to defend the scheme. They have actual people out there defending them on the web. On one forum I came across comments on a thread related to this scam. The responses were quite long and the way the answers were devised was quite professionally sketched out.

The stories built up around NIzzard’s giveaways to it look legit are actually quite good. Unfortunately for them, the profiles connected to those stories are less good. It seems like someone made a few profiles, had those profiles to converse with each other in a thread in favour of the Nizzard, and that made it look legit. But if you dig deeper and look at the profiles of these defenders you’ll discover that they have only few posts live. All of that makes it smell like a scam.

Because of the way it’s done, it seems a lot like this alleged scam is only designed to exact money from innocent people. If their defenders created legit profiles at places like The Sand Trap, made a healthy post profile, and then started defending Nizzard then it would look less questionable. Instead it looks like a scam.

As a result of careless marketing. smart regular folks on message boards have quickly pointed out the shady responses in defence of Nizzard. Numerous people there are saying Nizzard is a scam. We’ve given you the evidence we have, now you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Bottom Line

A lot of people are saying Nizzard is a scam and if you want to play it safe, stay far away from them. Tactics like the ones they’re using are common on the internet, usually they are associated with shipping fee scams. Shipping fee scams are everywhere and in every other case they’ve been a scam. It would be hard to believe that Nizzard is the one and only exception. You’ll see shipping fee scams all over Facebook. You’ll get ads of an amazing looking watch at the ridiculous price of $10. If that $10 is only a shipping fee, then beware.