Taylormade Juno Putter Review

By Asad | 1 year ago

Let’s get to Taylormade Juno putter review. It is a classic shaped putter. Classic shaped are more of technical shape. Juno belongs to the TP family of Taylormade putters. TP- Tour Preferred means two things a) With all different shapes in the putter available these days TP family has the classic look b) TP also means the top quality. The production whenever you see the TP marked on a TaylorMade putter.

If you like classic small mallet shapes then you will love the Juno Putter. It is among the small family of less than 10 puters coming in this classic smalle face shape.

Taylormade Juno Putter Review

Juno Putter Facts:

Let’s check some of the features we handpicked for TaylorMade Juno putter review post.


The built is quite beautiful. As soon as you pick it up you will feel the premium build. It has a thicker lamkin pistol grip that is bent to give extra control over the shot. The stock grip feels quite soft and matches quite well with the shaft. The lie joins onto the face which has a satin finish. The face is milled with grooves going down. We will discuss that soon.

303 Stainless steel is used to make the Juno Putter. Usage of 303 means that the putter will remain corrosion free no matter what environment it gets exposed to. The corrosion-free nature comes thanks to the sulfur mixed in the 303 alloy. 303 allows easy manufacturing and this is the reason why you see smooth milling on the Juno surface. Although 303 is great for long term use but it is little weaker in structure because of sulfur. If you get angry with this putter you may have to pay the price.


Weight Addition:

The two small red circles on the bottom of the face are actually adjustable weights. You can change the weight of the face to work out the moment of inertia. MOI helps to make the putter more stable. You can add or remove weight on the putter to suit your likings. The pre-installed weight suits the style of most players, however, if you feel you need more or lesser you can customize the weight of the face.

Pure Roll

The face has the Taylormade Pride i.e. its Pure Roll grooves. Let’s get into little science and understand how putting works. For a ball to move in a straight line it is necessary that it has no angular momentum or spin induced on it. Another thing which helps is the topspin on the golf ball.

Pure roll has special grooves at 45 degrees filled with a special material that helps to pass on maximum topspin on the ball. Most players struggle because their putter shots deviate by 10-15mm from the hole. It is because of the off-center shots that induce side spin.

If we observe closely the shot of best putter today i.e. Jason day, as soon as he hits the ball, it hops and with every small minimal bounce, the ball gets the more topspin. So with the right technique and right tech on the putter like pure roll, it will help add more forward momentum that will inhibit deviation from the straight trajectory.

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The pure roll comes with a much more softer and lighter feel now with 6061 aluminum as the main material. 6061 is an excellent alloy from hinge pins, couplings to air craft fittings. 6000 series aluminum alloys are used for their ability to grip the coating for longer time. Pure roll surface look and grip will remain intact for longer time because of 6061 aluminum.


The shot feeling is very soft, instead of a ting sound from the low-end putter, you will hear a very smooth soft sound out from Juno putter. The cumulative topspin keeps the ball straight. It comes in two lengths of 34 and 35 inches. The weight can help customize the MOI position and keep the putter stable.

The visual aid on top of the head helps to hit the ball on the center. Off center shots add angular momentum on the ball. Juno’s visual aid is clear to see on the head.


It comes with a Classic look optimized for technical benefits. The design has a premium feel, TP engraved on the putter is an assertion by TaylorMade that the product is made for high performance and belongs to their high-end product line.

Another advantage of the classic design is the short head. As the shaft is swung like a pendulum, on its way back it will not get raised naturally. With long heads some players especially the high handicappers do this technical mistake of raising the head. Such follow through add backspin on the ball. Although the pure roll takes out the much of the backspin it is still an issue with a long head like spider putter. Juno putter has a very small head like classic design and is free from the elevated putt shot.

Cons of  Juno Putter

Positives aside, let’s be neutral, there are some negatives too associated with this product, let us figure out what they are before reaching to a final conclusion.


The classic head although looks great but unlike modern putter who offers more forgiveness Juno Putter has lower stability. The MOI is quite low on Juno putter that is the cause of low forgiveness. But if you compare it with Scotty Cameron high-end putter then it’s quite an unfair comparison.


You will have to buy weights to customize the moment of inertia. If they were included in the factory package then it would help to understand what helps the playing style the most.

That’s that people, quite impressed aren’t you? Have a look at what we reviewers think about this product.

Conclusion: Taylormade Juno Putter Review

It comes with a quite reasonable price. If you believe you are a beginner and have started to enjoy playing this game then it’s better to invest in Juno Putter. You will just enter the high-end putter zone. Most people spend hundreds of dollar for long distance driver which can be used for only few holes in the range. Compared to that a putter is required for each hole. It is imperative to invest in a good putter and improve you close range game.

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