Taylormade Juno Putter Review

Since I have talked about the Taylormade products, I was thinking to have another topic related to this discussed, not only this, but I also got a lot of requests from readers to write a Taylormade Juno Putter Review. It sure sounds interesting, let’s see what the post below has for you.

Taylormade Juno Putter Review

Juno Putter Facts:

Lets check some of the feature we handpicked for taylormade juno putter review post.


It is a well-balanced putter that helped us keep a smooth tempo through impact. The two 10g weights on the underside aid this.


A new True Roll insert has been implemented, inspired by the one used in Day’s flat stick It is still made from 6061 aluminum, but a new polymer is used to make it softer.


The ball starts rolling very early, helping short putts stay on line and long putts travel the full distance.


The putters are available in 34” or 35” shaft lengths.


There are subtle copper accents coming through the darker finish. These add a touch of class to the design with modern performance and technology.


The Super Stroke Pistol is a new addition which enhances the feel and control during the play.

Quick Specifications:

  • Model: Juno
  • Style: Squared Contours
  • Sightline: Single Top
  • Neck: Plumbers
  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Toe Hang: 35°
  • Offset: Full
  • Head Weight: 345g
  • Loft: 3.5°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Insert: Gunmetal 6061 Aluminum Pure Roll
  • Grip: Red Lamkin Sink Pistol

Pros of  Juno Putter

I certainly know there’s a lot of curiosity building up in you right now to know more about this amazing putter. Let’s find out what makes this piece so admirable.


The product is made from Milled 303 Stainless Steel heads and Tour Satin Finish to give it a premium look and feel.


It has Adjustable sole weights, to ensure playable swing-weight performance for the golfers.


It has strategically positioned sight-lines to aid in alignment.


There are two stock grips and various TOUR-validated grip options available. The tapered Lamkin grip helps keen the face square through impact.


An advanced milled pure roll insert for better forward roll.


The new insert is meant to get the ball heading end over end faster off the bat, to stop skips and jumps.


There are enough shapes in the range to cater for most visual choices and stroke types.


Golfers were particularly pleased how it performed from distance, helping them lag putts up to the hole, and it also performed well from 10 feet and in, for a blade putter.

Cons of  Juno Putter

Positives aside, let’s be neutral, there are some negatives too associated with this product, let us figure out what they are before reaching to a final conclusion.


It doesn’t offer quite as much forgiveness as one or two need.


Many golfers wished that the putter included additional weight screws for customizing feel a few golfers liked to see a longer alignment line.

That’s that people, quite impressed aren’t you? Have a look at what we reviewers think about this product.

Conclusion: Taylormade Juno Putter Review

A strong all-around performer and one of the better blades tested, the TaylorMade Juno collection combines great looks, lovely feel and reliability at a decent price. Blade purists should definitely take note.

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