Taylormade Aeroburner Iron Review

After a lot of research and reading and watching a lot of videos, I have finally discovered some amazing matter for the Taylormade Aeroburner Iron Review. Unfortunately, I really didn’t get a chance to buy this one, but the plus point is that I’ve got a lot of mates who’ve experienced using this and have provided me with so much to talk on.

Taylormade Aeroburner irons review


Center of gravity

The center of gravity is positioned low and deep to generate higher launch, improved feel and more stability the higher the center of gravity, the greater the resistance to twisting, the better the mishit forgiveness.

Despite the relatively strong lofts, most people will be quite pleased to experience a mid-high ball flight — this is mostly due to the location of the CG as well as the high-launch attribute of the stock shaft.

Distance Control

If you are looking to stick with an iron for a longer time then it is going to be great for you. It is going to remain in your gear as your game improves over time. Directional and ball speed forgiveness are both very good, which is not all that surprising considering the AeroBurner iron is marketed as max game-improvement.


One problem often ignored is the striking reflective glaze that takes away the shot concentration. The dark matte finish takes out that shine problem all together. The top line is thick, the sole is wide and the blade length is long, all serving to inspire confidence at address and enable easier striking. The badge features an appealing black/gray/red/white color palette with fairly simplistic labeling.

The TaylorMade Areoburner iron is demanded by many because of its undeniable unique features. It is probably the best mid-range iron in the market and has a lot of benefits involved in its built. Let’s dig through its Pros and get ourselves aware of its specialty



 The wide sole cuts through the lawn with ease, and helps on heavy contact; pitching wedge is quite helpful in the scoring area; you should expect a high, powerful ball flight.


Helps to play straight shots; laser-accurate on solid strikes; does a decent job of covering up directional misses; generates enough distance on off-center hits to get you within a few yards of your target.


Easier to carry distances because of longer length is beneficial for straight shots.

4. FEEL: 

It has a shot feel of hammering the ball. You will get the feedback as if the ball is being struck with maximum force transferred onto it. The reason being the head of the iron is constructed with uniformity in terms of weight. It gives the balance to swing as intended.

5. LOOK: 

Thick topline and full sole are apparent at address, which gives testers the confidence that they’ll strike it solidly; frames the ball nicely; enough offset without drawing attention away from the task at hand.

The Taylormade Aeroburner is worth its cost yet it does have a slight disadvantage attached to it which might repel golfers away from it, let’s see if this Con is of any harm.


  1. Slightly lower launch than expected which means players with lower swing speeds may need to slightly adjust their play or could lose out on carry.

BOTTOM LINE: The Taylormade Aeroburner Iron Review

The AeroBurner irons are a worthy and now very affordable addition to TaylorMade’s family of game-improvement irons. There are plenty of them for mid to high handicappers including great distance, superb forgiveness, solid feel and a confidence-inspiring look. I strongly suggest that any golfer with a mid-range budget who wants a bang-for-the-buck set of game-improvement irons give these a try.

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