Callaway X Series Irons Review

You cannot imagine how much of an eager person I am right now; I’ve been desperately waiting to have the Callaway x series irons review with you guys. As soon I saw the advertisement for these amazing pieces of metal, I was certain to buy these instantly. To be honest I had the best experience ever. Are you also thinking to get your Callaway x series irons? Let me take you to a tour of these remarkable clubs. Here’s all you need to know!


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Features of the Callaway X Series Iron

Callaway X is a series of irons produced over the last few years.  Some of the clubs have launched recently, whereas, some of them have been launched way back. The first x series were launched in 2015! Yes, you read it right. These clubs most probably known as the XR irons are really old and are still fascinating a lot of us. The next model was launched right after it, in 2016(the XR 16) after which other models were launched for two consecutive years 2017(the XR 17) and 2018(the XR 18).

The XR 16 has excellent size and shape one that should inspire players, who struggle with the driver. The pronounced teardrop shape is a perfect size for the 460 head, not too big or too small. XR16is ideal choice for someone who makes frequent mistakes. Driver forgiving built allows you to get away with poor technique.

These could do a really good job for any mid-high ranged handicapper. They are large and forgiving without being ridiculously bumpy and unattractive. The grey finish gives them a cool, look for some added attractiveness.  The XR 18 have been slightly different from the previous designs, these have thinner iron heads and lighter weight as compared to the previous X series irons.

X series set contains 7 clubs each designed without compromising a bit on flight trajectory, launch angle, lesser spin, and increased accuracy.
To make it easier to swing and launch the ball Callaway has fitted a lightweight steel shaft.

Note: always have checks on which model you’re about to buy, sometimes you get a wrong variant out of confusion.

The Callaway X Series Irons have been the conversation starters since 4 years now, and have been wandering in everyone’s minds now. But, do you want to find out what secret qualities and uniqueness these have that make them the “all-time favorites”?  Let’s have a quick, yet thorough look for this post of Callaway X series Irons review Pros.


Pros of Callaway X series irons

  • Deep undercut cavity: 

    This cavity allows the face to flex and recovers at a higher rate, increasing the ball speed and resulting in reliably longer iron shots.

  • Perimeter weighting:

    Callaway has lowered the center of gravity by carefully shifting the weight from the flute to the face of the clubs. Lower center of gravity helps achieve these benefits: a) Higher loft angle b) Lesser Spin c) More Ball Speed. These three things are an ideal combination for clubs which forgive unintentional errors and give more ball control.

  • Good feel and good sound:

    The clubs have a soft metallic feel that enhances the comfortability of the golfer and results in a more smooth and swift game. It is easy on the joints and light weighted, shock absorber of an iron; good stability through the ball.

  • Looks:

    Classic Callaway setup has its fans because of its usual, original, classic and genuine looks which can make a true player fall for it.

  • Playability:

    The accuracy is on point as well as the altitude management capability. This makes it a unique yet expensive designed series.

    callaway x series irons review

That’s not all folks! Apart from the undoubted pros of these unique irons, we have some features lacking behind too. Let us categorize them in the following Cons.


  • Expensive:

    These clubs can be found to be too expensive for a beginner golfer. Yet, the models launched in 2015 and 16 are less pricey than the after ones.

  • Not suitable for fast swingers:

    Professional Golfers mostly are habitual of being fast swingers as they are pros at their game. These irons do not have the fast swinging capability. Therefore, they are best for only beginners or golfers who do not play professionally.

  • Feedback is difficult to gauge:

    The feel of the hit is not reflected back efficiently. You may not be able to measure what went wrong with the impact. Feedback helps correct mistakes often ignored by beginners.

Bottom line: Callaway X Series Irons Review 

Callaway X series Irons have been recommended by many professionals. It is the attention grabbers for 4 years. This series immensely satisfy many golfers and would indeed satisfy you too. If you are a woman we recommend you should check out our Solaire review.  The list of pros is convincing enough to step your game with these irons set.




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