Callaway Solaire Review

Golf is considered as men’s game yet women often lack behind in getting this experience. Sad isn’t it? If women can play equally well in other sports, then why not golf? Let’s give them a chance! Callaway is an authority golf brand. They have production lines optimized especially to women muscle structure. Ever heard about its newly introduced golf set, the Solaire? This post is solely about Callaway Solaire Review.

As of today, golf products are going out of shape quickly but is Solaire worth the money? Before getting into the depths let’s get a  quick introduction about the Solaire.

The Callaway Solaire set is designed precisely for women, with quality design, fit and performance to assist them to hit their best shots. The set comes in few variations but mainly includes 11 to 13 pieces having Driver, 3 Wood, 5 & 6 Hybrids, 7 through 9 Irons, Pitching and Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart Bag, and (4) Headcovers.

The set is made with special care to cater to the dynamics of women anatomy. For beginners, it contains clubs that will give forgive your bad shots. You will feel the new self-confidence because the shots you play with the bad technique will be simply covered by the Solaire. The best part is to make sure that the swings go in the right direction. The change of ball trajectory that happens due to the impact is minimized thanks to the balanced construction of the set.


callaway solaire review

Callaway’s new Solaire is expensive but worth the money. Let’s dig into its pros and cons.


  •  Solaire is long lasting

    Callaway enjoys the reputation of producing long-lasting products. Solaire is no different, take some care and expect it to be with you on the club for years.

  • Comes with a reliable bag and head covers:

    The Solaire clubs and sticks might be heavy and require the right amount of space; the bags are made up to the mark as well as the head covers which are specially designed. It is easy to pack all the accessories because it is specially made Solaire Package. Packing or unpacking becomes a lot quicker with easier with these.

  • Provides you with left-handed clubs:

    some people might regret their specialty to be left-handed as there many common things they can’t do due to this, including golf itself. The Solaire provides left-handed clubs for people with this specialty, interesting right?

  • Suits All Heights:

    The best part about it is that it is Compatible with tall women as well as normal ones, so extra tall ones or short ones don’t really have to worry about it. If you are in the range from 5’2” to 6′, this set will smoothly integrate with your swings.

  • The “ready to play” quality:

    You don’t have to fix any parts or mess things up just take the club out from the blog and focus on the birdie you have in your mind.

  • Callaway’s brand Authority:

    Some people fear being cheated on by some brands, but according to a general review, Callaway would never deceive your trust or mismanage your money. Chill people!



The cons comparatively are fewer which make the Solaire more admirable.

  • The driver available in the set has a 13-degree loft:

    Some people might consider it too much, but the design and shoot distance balance this in terms of performance.

  • Fewer Color Choices For the Bag:

    At the current price point, there should be more color options available. You may find the available colors not according to your taste. I personally found some color combinations. Golf is played on a colorful terrain, I would like to feel the same energy when I reach the bag to change the driver.

Bottom line: Callaway Solaire review

So generally, if you’re a newbie, I might consider you being tempted by Callaway’s Solaire. If you’re a woman who has never experienced golf sets before or a regular at golf club playing with your friend’s gear. I would say Callaway Solaire Set is worth the money. You should try it out! Callaway gives you the best design and quality in affordable rates. Happy golfing!






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