TaiBA 2-Piece Pool Stick Review

By Asad | 9 months ago

It is a good idea to get yourself a good entry-level pool stick. It will help you quickly accelerate through the initial learning curve. In comparison to the players using the house cue, you will realize that you are becoming more consistent in your performance. It will be mainly because you are using one fixed cue to play the game. This post is focused purely on the Taiba 2-Piece pool stick review from a beginner player’s perspective.

The starting few months of the game can be tricky. You will develop permanent habits to hold a pool cue, make your stance, bridge, and play the shot. House cues will not help you get settled with the game. Your every visit will give you a different experience. On good days, you will perform better while on the other you will be clueless about your bad performance.

There can be many reasons for the inconsistent performance and one of them can be traced down to the usage of different pool cues. As a beginner, if you enjoy the game then it is a smart decision to buy an inexpensive beginner pool cue that can last with you for a couple of years. It will help you understand the game, develop strategies and yet get better at the game with the same pool cue.

I am pitching in TaiBa 2 piece pool cue as your beginner companion. A stick you can rely on when you compete with your friends. It will clearly give you an upper hand with inexperienced house cue players.

taiba 2 piece pool stick review

What I like About TaiBa 2-Piece Pool Stick

There are loads of things to like about this pool cue. I will be discussing some of them which actually matters to the beginner players.

Price Is too Economical

Around $50 price range you are getting a complete package. A reasonable quality pool cue stick along with a strappy case. You will be saving an additional 20 dollars by not buying the case for the pool cue.

2 Piece cue sticks are compatible with certain kinds of cases with larger height. 3 piece pool cues can fit into the 2 piece case easily but because 2 pieces of TaiBa are longer you will not be able to fit it in a makeshift short box.  So having a compatible case designed for this pool stick under a reasonable price range is a big bargain.

Good Wood

Maple is the way to go for pool cues. TaiBa is giving a good quality Canadian maple that is meant to withstand strong impacts. Pool sticks among similar price ranges along with a case usually do not offer maple.

Maple is of high-quality wood. It has a higher hardness rating and is an excellent shock absorber. That is why most of the sports floor like bowling alleys are made up of maple wood. Maple can also withstand the occasional wear and tear impact from the rails of the pool cue table.

Like all woods, maple can also get dirty but there are plenty of ways to clean a pool cue.

Smoother Shaft

The shaft is coated with varnish. It increases the stick life but the downside is that the varnish can make the flow of stick on the bridge full of friction. The back and forth movement of the stick should be smooth.

TaiBa 2-piece pool stick’s shaft is sandpapered to make sure that the shaft becomes smoother. You can apply powder or wear a glove to make the movement of the stick smoother. But too much preparation can actually get in the mind sometimes.

For a beginner, the movement of the stick is very important, and having it taken care of already is a good plus point. In comparison, a high-end stick such as predator Revo is made up of carbon fiber and gives the smoothest flow. The price tag for such cue is 12-15 times higher than the Taiba stick. You can get a similarl smooth experience at a very low price tag.

A Good Beginner Tip

The shipped cue will have rounded and scuffed tip. It will be ready to use. The nature of the tip is more on a harder side but from a beginner point of that is a good thing. You can chalk the tip carelessly and still maintain its shape. Softer tips get scuffed easily and can lose shape.

For a player who is just starting out on this game shaping, a pool tip can be a daunting task. You can mess it up with in experience. The harder 13 mm tip will not only be easier to chalk but easy to maintain as well.

Variable Weight + Big Tip Size

You can change the weight of the cue thanks to the adjustable screw option in the butt. You will have to buy the screws to change the weight thought. I want you to think about this from a beginner’s perspective. Buy the weight that will go the best with a 13mm size cue tip.

I suggest 19oz, it is not too heavy or light and can be the most forgiving combination with a 13mm pool cue. You can get away with most of the miscues because cue stick will transfer lesser unwanted momentum.

taiba 2 piece pool stick review

What I don’t like About TaiBa 2-Piece Pool Stick

Twelve Pint Joint

It comes with the 12 pin joints. Although the pins are quite thick and there is less room for misalignment but take extra care with it. If you try to plugin both parts in haste there is a chance to damage the joint. A damaged joint can not maintain the straightness of the pool stick.

Vulnerability to Warpage

The stick is mass-produced in China. TaiBa is still in the process of improving their quality standards. If you are careless in maintaining this pool cue then it can get warped. Careful maintenance can increase the life of this pool cue but frankly speaking, do not expect this stick to last for years.

Final Thoughts:

Get it if you are looking for high value for money. The benefits you can attain from this stick are a lot. It will help you get comfortable with the game sooner than a house cue. Take this stick as an investment for your initial learning phase of the game.