Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft

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Have you ever imagined what an ideal golf ball looks like? No, then maybe you should start to. In fact, you shouldn’t because today in this post I am going to introduce you to the best golf balls in town! In today’s review, I have something more interesting on the list which is the comparison of Callaway super soft and Callaway chrome soft. I basically got this idea by some golf players, arguing on Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft. Let’s read below to make your decisions easier.

callaway supersoft vs chrome soft

callaway supersoft vs chrome soft

Features of the Supersoft

Supersoft balls are priced much lower and lie more towards the spectrum of entry level golf balls.


 If you are a fan of the soft feel with the impact then supersoft is a great option for you. The ball compression limit helps to keep the aerodynamics ideal for straight trajectory. Straighter trajectory means that you will be able to hit the ball for long distance shots. Callaway has used its graphene core system comprising of two cores. The inner core takes up much of space while the outer is comparatively thinner.  Both of them act together to achieve longer distance on the ball. If you have low swing speed then graphene core system has come for the rescue.


Supersoft is friendly for beginners. It will spin less and compress more. You can get great distance with less deviation due to spin.


The ball is constructed in two pieces. It is available both in yellow and white. If you want to look different and spot your ball easily then yellow would be a great option.


Although the names says that it is soft but the reality is, it is harder than the chrome soft. But the good part is that it will take the beating on the rough and will hardly get scuffed than the chrome soft.

Pros and cons of Callaway Supersoft


1.    Low Compression

It has an extremely low compression rating of just 38. Average low compression rating for a golf ball is 70. Low compression will allow high handicap players to balance out their slow swinging speed.

2.    Low Spin

The reason why balls do not follow straight trajectory is that at the time of impact the point of contact is not right at the center of the ball but rather it deviates from the center. So instead of all forward momentum, side spin is also imparted onto the ball. Just like a freekick on the football. This alters the intended flight route and balls spins away from where the player wanted it to spin. Because the construction of this ball is done to ensure that it imparts low spin onto the ball it is the reason why you can hit straight shots rather than the deviated ones. Supersoft is a forgiving ball for your unintentional miscues.

3.    Genuine Feel

The feel of the ball is great. Low spin means it will go where you want it to go. The power control however, becomes more important. As ball will have all the forward momentum and minimum spin it will travel further than you may be used to with. As soon as you get used to it, the feel of the shot will be great. It quickly moves in straight lines towards the hole.

4.    Price

It is an entry level golf ball aimed for the novice players. If you are thinking about an upgrade option then superhot bold is the choice to make.



Often off the tee, all you need is a long curve shot. If you have this low spinning ball in your gear than you are in trouble. You will have a hard time curving the ball trajectory towards the greens. For long distance curvy shots consider the chrome soft.


Features of the  Chrome soft

Let’s do the second part of the Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft ball.

Chrome soft is the best ball made by Callaway yet. It is currently the best ball produced by the company yet.

Dual Soft Fast Core

Recent research in the field of golf balls has brought a breakthrough on identifying what is the optimal structure of the ball for maximum ball speed. It turns out that the best combination is soft outer cover and another soft inner core. These two combined together offer higher compression rate and the ball can travel with higher speed of the launch.  The outer soft cover will give you more spin and control especially if you are a good player.

Four Layer Construction

The dual-core is still in place except there is another thin layer just above the dual-core and below the soft urethane cover. As the number of layers increases, price and complexity of golf ball go higher. Four layered golf balls will help experienced golfers control over spin. The spinning ball can be a nightmare for a beginner but an advantage for seasoned players. Pro golfers can alter the trajectory of the ball on tedious holes. A four-layer ball comes in handy as it offers more spin than a two-layered golf ball such as supersoft.

Truvis Pattern

Colors have become popular on golf ball over the years like superhot bold. The problem is it is easier to spot the colored ball when it is nearer but for drive shots as soon as the colored balls are 150 yards away in the air they will not be visible with the naked eye. You will not be able to judge where the ball may have landed and get into unnecessary trouble of finding it for the second shot.

True visibility or Truvis as Callaway says it helps to locate the ball with the same old white ball. A Truvis ball is colored similar to a football. While most of the ball will be white but there will be colored patches available in black and yellow. So not only you will be able to spot the ball on short shots but also it will not disappear to the naked eye for long driver shots.

Hex Shaped Dimples

Dimples help to reduce the surface area facing the drag in the air. Hex is the best pattern to make sure that all neighboring hex cells are joined together in a seamless repetitive pattern.


1.    Distance

The four-layered structure combined with a high swinging speed will give you high distances off the tee. The ball inner structure helps absorb the impact power from the drivers and irons and travel for long distances.

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2.    Angles

The spin will help you control the angle ball twists through its path.

3.    Cover

The outer cover is smooth and soft. It will give an extra spin, feel especially more control on the green shots. Hardcovers do the exact opposite, it offers low spin but lesser control on the green shots. Chrome soft has a very soft outer cover.

4.    Pattern

True Visibility pattern helps to keep track of ball trajectory for long loft shots and also to locate ball for short distance shots.


1.    Price

It is comparatively more expensive than the Supersoft and many other Golf balls.

Comparison: Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft

  • Price

Chrome soft is more expensive than super soft. For those who can afford and feel they are regular on the club then chrome soft is a good choice.

  • Compression:

    Supersoft compression rating is lower than the chrome soft. Compression of supersoft is 33 in comparison to 75 of chrome soft. Slow swingers can benefit from chrome soft but not as much than that of supersoft. Chrome soft, however, can be a great choice for fast swingers.

  • Scuffing

    The outer layer of chrome soft is softer than supersoft. Although supersoft has the lowest compression rating but its outer cover is more durable than chrome soft. If the hole has rocks, touch patches then chrome soft will take a lot of beating. The outer layer will get easily damaged, air drag will be increased. Supersoft shows hardly any signs of wear and tear.

  • More Control:

    Three layered inner structure gives more spin options for seasoned players for chrome soft. Inexperienced players should opt for supersoft. It will help play straight simple game with slow swing speed.

Wrap Up

Without any doubt, chrome soft is the best ball made by Callaway yet. The difference in price is clearly due to more inner layers and complexity in the chrome soft structure. Chrome soft is aimed for better players. If you are starting out go for super soft or even superhot bold. As soon you feel your grip on the game has increased keep chrome soft set in the gear for tricky holes.