Callaway SuperHot Bold Review

By Asad | 1 year ago

The launch of Callaway’s Superhot Bold Golf balls has conquered the hearts of many, because of its uniqueness and extraordinary well quality. These balls have surely made many golf lovers fall for them because of their intimidating matte finish. If you are also a Golf player and planning to buy a fresh set of golf balls, then are you are indeed on the right track. Let’s get serious about the Callaway Superhot Bold review.

What the superhot bold actually is

The Superhot Golf Ball is designed to ensure long-distance with its dimple structure. You can also enjoy great control over the ball with control and good revolutions on the spin. You will enjoy hitting this with your driver. It is designed for the par 4 and par 5 holes. It can travel a big distance.

There are two things that help this ball’s smooth flight. Its dimple structure and the roundness around the engraved dimples. Both these help to reduced the drag faced by the ball. For a windy day, this ball can come real handy. If you are an experienced golfer who has control over spin superhot bold will you manipulate the shot trajectory.

Superhot vs Chrome Soft vs Supersoft

Overall chrome soft is much more premium ball but there is one aspect supersoft is better than chrome soft. It is the scuffing, although both balls by nature are soft but superhot is still harder than the chrome soft. If the hole has concrete, rocks or rough patch then do not play with chrome soft. They will easily get scuffed. Superhot can take the toil and still remain in good shape and shows hardly any signs of scuffing after an impact with a rock.

Scuffing really does matter, balls are designed to have a smooth flight with low drag. If the smoothness on the ball surface gets damaged it will increase the drag and cause inaccuracy in the shot’s intended trajectory. So if you are a beginner or you are playing at a club which is not much maintained then chrome soft would not be the right choice.

In comparison with the supersoft because of matt finish superhot bold appears to be slow on the greens. It can be a little annoying especially if you can’t judge the power you should be hitting to pot the ball. Supersoft in contradiction to its name is harder than superhot bold. If you can keep track of the balls they will last longer than chrome soft and superhot bold

callaway superhot bold review

My Color Recommendation

If you feel that you are willing to give a shot to this ball set then my color recommendation is the red. To me its right in the center of being not too sharp and mild. It will be easier to spot on the rough. Red also is easier to spot in the air, it is lighter in tone and under all weather conditions will reflect its own color effectively.

The matte yellow is harder to see and can even get mixed up at times with the fairway. Orange although seems appealing but to me, I don’t find it a serious-looking ball. Choose what suits your preference, I have chose red because it will help in playing the game.

Features of the Superhot Bold

The new Callaway Superhot Bold comes in a 15 ball pack with five colors including Matte Orange, Matte Yellow, and Matte Red. They have been in stores across Europe from February 16th.

It was launched in the UK and USA on the 16th of February 2018. So it’s been some time since they are in the market. With loads of positive feedback from the users, the superhot bold set has developed a nice reputation. The ball feel is soft and they are designed for both men and women. Let’s dig this more into the Pros and Cons


  • Long Distance:

    It is very important to keep the ball in the air for long time with a steady flight. They achieved this by designing the ball aerodynamics to optimize the on flight drag.  There are 332 dimples on the ball. The depressions are the main reasons the flight remains balanced and ball goes a long way towards the intended trajectory.

  • Increased Short Game Spin and Control: 

    The ball is made up of three parts. It has a smooth texture and feels like a softball to hold. The softness helps to spin the ball on the greens with your putters.

  • Superhot BOLD:

    Colored balls have got a lot popular in the last few years. The striking red color is part of the same campaign. The bright colors help to spot them easily. That is why it is called superhot because literally, the ball has a very sharp color finish. It is also available in yellow and orange color. The ball looks is compliant with the USGA rules.

  • Ball Speed:

    If you combine it with a flexing club with a low center of gravity then the superhot inner core is made to take on all the momentum passed on by your driver on the impact. The ball launch speed will be higher with a good driver. It is a good recipe for clearing those long distances with your drivers.

  • Soft Feel: 

   Its Ultra-soft cover and High Energy core combine to create a distance ball with a soft feel.

  • It is inexpensive: 

   These are inexpensive compared to its quality and quantity. The 15 piece set is found less expensive than other quality Golf balls, which is reasonable for most of the people.

Coming to the Superhot Bold’s cons are comparatively less and help to make the product a good one.


  • Unstable for short distance swings:

    The biggest drawback turned out that it was unstable for wedges/shots within 30 yards and this is because of its increased spin and speed, Callaway should consider this problem as soon as possible. You can cut it out by having a more forgiving putter with a bigger face.

  • Color invisibility:

    The light green and yellow finish balls are not easier to see, this might make the players confused or lose interest in the game, the colors should be darker. Also, another important fact is off the tee as soon as the ball goes away 150 yards you may lose sight of the ball. Because the colors are darker in nature as they travel further and reflect off lesser light. So measuring how is the shot going till the end will prove difficult.

  • Feel not that Premium:

    These are mid-ranged priced golf balls from Callaway. If you are used to be playing with premium chrome soft then you may not like the feel of the Superhot bold. If you are playing with Callaway supersoft then superhot bold will be a good upgrade especially they come in a pack of 15 balls instead of 12.

  • callaway superhot bold review


Is The Ball Made According to the USGS Standards?

Yes, it is perfectly a legal ball. You can practice with this mid-range ball especially if you are a mid-range handicapper. The color may have made you think about the legality but golf balls are getting popular and legal with their colors.

One of the reasons that can make ball illegal is its weight, which is perfectly fine with this balls set.

Are These Balls Durable?

Yes, the build is strong. If you read above then I have advocated the use of superhot bold in place of chrome soft for beginner players only because the longevity of these balls is better than chrome soft.

Also the price is quite justified which increases the value for money.

Which Color should I go For?

Close your eyes and order the red one straight away. If you want to try the other colors then order just one ball and see the difference for yourself.

Is There Any Warranty?

Yes, although that what makes this deal great. You get a 2-year warranty with this ball set. If you observe any kind of flawed flight in the balls then it might be due to the problem in the inner layers of the ball. Claim you  warranty within 2 years time frame and get a new pack

Bottom line: The Callaway Super-Hot Bold REview

The concept of colored balls took a positive leap with the popularity and market acceptance of Chrome Soft Truvis. Callaway chipped in at the right moment and introduce the superhot bold with exciting color options. Initially, the balls were popular with the women but not men have realized colored balls are good to the eyes. It is not just the color but if you got a chance to read the above post, Callaway has worked hard to optimize it for longer flights.

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The matte finish texture of these balls is perfect for color lovers and is the strongest persuading features of their purchase. Also, the price is affordable compared to its quality and quantity. Callaway has always been a successful Golf company and yet has shown another evidence of its high-quality products.