SugarTree Cues

By Asad | 9 months ago

Started by Eric Crisp back in the later 2000s, SugarTree cues are total custom beauties. If you are a custom cue lover and not into buying the mass-produced factory cues then you should give a shot to the SugarTree Cues.

The finishing, joints and the wood used on these is excellent. Eric started this as a hobby and now due to the massive number of orders he has taken this job seriously. You need to get into the queue to first place an order and then wait for your cue to be delivered to you.

This is the only downside to the SugarTree cues. Back in the days, you could have Eric make a cue for under $500 but now with his experience of at least 2 decades if you are planning to buy a SugarTree then get ready to spend a few grands on these beauties.

If you are someone who cannot wait and wants to get hands on a SugarTree then you can try the Facebook group where you can get a second hand SugarTree cue. Although I would recommend that you should invest on high end branded shaft such as predator revo and get in the waiting list for your custom made SugarTree cues.

The quality of the cue and its gameplay justifies the higher cost and wait time but I feel that time is more valuable then to wait for a custom made cue. I would rather suggest you to invest in a good quality pool cue or take lessons and correct your technical mistakes. This would help you develop your technique and develop more confidence for the game.

Meanwhile, Eric would eventually work on your custom SugarTree. As soon as you receive it, you can see the difference in the game. Has it uplifted your game? is the cue really worth waiting for this long? If you answer yes to both question then you are in good shape. If your game level has not improved after spending a good few weeks with the cue then the good news is that SugarTree cues sell like candy. You can sell it for more then what you have bought.

If for some reason you find it hard to believe then you need to check the Facebook group made solely for sale and purchase of SugarTee Custom cues. The community is quite big and the demand for SugarTree cues is quite high.


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