Starbucks Offers Better Drink Options Overseas?

Starbucks offers a slew of tasty drinks to suit the United States palette, however, they offer even more delectably unique options overseas that reflect the local culture of wherever they are placed including concoctions like Ajolito Acaí Frappuccino in Mexico and a Sparkling Espresso Tonic in China.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

Next time you need to travel outside the U.S., make sure you pop by whatever Starbucks location you find. But don’t do it to get a familiar taste of home. Instead, use the opportunity to try one of the unique international drinks the chain offers and a chance to share news of your experience!

Many Americans may not know just how far-reaching their favorite coffee shop is. However, given that you can find the familiar green sign on nearly every corner in a major city…it should be no surprise that they’ve grown well beyond our borders. In fact, at the end of 2021, they boasted locations in 80 countries.

And the number of locations they have in those countries is jaw-dropping. At last count, there were nearly 34,000 stores worldwide. The United States represents less than half of those. 

So, you can find yourself a comforting beverage almost anywhere you travel. But the super neat thing is that Starbucks does not simply export our tastes to other countries. Instead, they take the time to get to know local cultures and craft drinks perfectly suited for that region.

The publication Tasting Table profiled some of Starbucks’ unique global offerings. Each one is exclusive to the area. And what they found is enough to make your mouth water. 

Starbucks China has an exclusive collection of drinks as part of its “Modern Mixology” collection. It features items like the Sparkling Espresso Tonic, Cold Brew Lemon Sour, and Triple Citrus. The Peach Shrub Fizz also makes that list.

It is iced and features large peach slices. The drink itself gets made from Teavana Oolong tea and peach juice. And, along with the other Modern Mixology drinks, it gets served in a specialty cup.

And a drink making waves across Asia is the Seaside Macadamia White Chocolate Frappuccino. This delightful drink comes out to play only during the summer months. Starbucks designed this drink to look just like the ocean, and they succeeded.

The base is a blueberry infusion that fades into white chocolate. It offers a hint of macadamia nuts. And the beautiful drink is topped with an edible umbrella.

Starbucks Brazil offers a familiar fall menu, showcasing drinks like the popular pumpkin spiced latte. But they take that traditional menu up a few notches. One addition is the Espresso Brownie, served in a teeny cup holding approximately three ounces.

starbucks chocolate cream cold brew

It has espresso, cookie pieces, and chocolate chunks. And if that’s not enough, they top it with brownie-flavored whipped cream and delectable mocha syrup. Talk about a sugar rush.

In Mexico, Starbucks enthusiasts will find many unique and delicious treats. And that is great news for everyone who loves to head south of the border. If you fall in the category, stop by the local Starbucks.

Once there, you may discover a new favorite. Some drinks include the Berry Yogurt Frappuccino, Rosa Pitahaya Frappuccino, and Ajolito Acaí Frappuccino. Perfect for sipping while you lounge on the beach.

These drinks are only a sampling of what Starbucks offers worldwide. Stateside fans may not enjoy the news that these treats won’t be making appearances here. So next vacation, plan a little getaway so you can indulge in a new treat.